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Block unwanted TXTs

Block TXTs and PXTs from any NZ mobile number for free

Blacklist is a free service available to all One NZ customers, that makes it easy to block unwanted TXT and PXT messages. You simply create a list of NZ mobile numbers you want to block. If you ever receive threatening TXTs or highly offensive PXTs, we recommend you also contact the Police.

Note: Blacklist is only able to block incoming TXT and PXT messages. It is not able to block incoming messages on Messages for iPhone or any other instant messaging services using data rather than SMS

Manage your Blacklist through My One NZ or via TXT

My One NZ app

Add a number:

1 Open My One NZ

2 Tap on 'My usage'

3 Tap on 'Blacklist'

4 Enter the mobile number you want to block

Remove a number:

1 Open My One NZ

2 Tap on 'My usage'

3 Tap on 'Blacklist'

4 Tap on 'Remove' next to the mobile number

My One NZ online

Add a number:

1 Sign into My One NZ

2 Click 'Menu'

3 Click 'Blacklist' under 'Your Plan'

4 Enter the mobile number you want to block

5 Click 'Block number'

Remove a number:

1 Sign into My One NZ

2 Click 'Blacklist' under 'Your Plan'

3 Click 'Remove' next to the mobile number


FreeTXT the following to 713:

Add a number:
BLACKLIST ADD (mobile number)
You'll get a TXT back confirming the added number.

View your Blacklist:
You'll get a TXT back confirming Blacklist is on and the numbers on your list.

Remove a number:
BLACKLIST REMOVE (mobile number)
You'll get a TXT back confirming the number was removed from your list.

Remove all numbers:

Turn Blacklist off:
You'll get a TXT back confirming your list is turned off.

To turn Blacklist back on:
You'll get a TXT back confirming your list is turned on and any numbers in the list.

Blacklist Help:
Get a TXT back with all available Blacklist TXT commands

Get a Prepay IOU

If you're running low on credit and can't Top Up right away, get an instant $5 credit with Prepay IOU. Next time you Top Up, you'll repay the $5 plus a $0.50 fee.
OCS00326_save_money_1200x500 (1).jpg

How to get a Prepay IOU

Simply TXT IOU to 468 and we'll apply a $5 credit straight away.

Important things to know

  • You must have less than $14 credit to use TXT IOU.
  • You can only have one outstanding IOU at a time. You need to repay your outstanding IOU before you can request another one.
  • IOU is not available while roaming.

You can't move to another Prepay or On Account plan while you have an unpaid IOU.


Get them to call you
OCS00326_call_me_1200x500 (1).jpg

With One NZ CallMe, we'll send a message to anyone on the One NZ network for you with a message that says ‘call me’ for free! It’s great for kids that have run out of credit.

Simply TXT the person's One NZ number to 798 and wait for them to call.

Premium TXT services

These TXT, PXT and data services enable you to vote on TV shows, enter competitions, receive information updates and buy content such as ringtones, wallpapers and games.
Two people lounging on the couch looking at their mobile phones.


  • Enter competitions from your phone
  • Information services can be accessed by TXT or PXT
  • Easy and simple to accesshen you arrive, you'll be able to make more economical calls locally, and you will be covered by our SAFE service.

What are premium TXT services?

Premium TXT services are mobile content or information services that can be accessed by TXT or PXT or via data GPRS/WAP services. These services enable you to vote on TV shows, enter competitions, receive information updates and buy content such as ringtones, wallpapers and games, and hundreds of other services. Premium TXT services are also used by charities to raise funds for their causes.

Premium TXT services are generally run using short codes. Short codes are 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers are used as the address to send the TXT message. Some Premium TXT services also use 10 digit numbers like a phone number.

Premium TXT services are provided by third parties

These third parties have arrangements in place with One NZ to provide the services to you and where appropriate for these charges to appear on your One NZ account. These services are created by content suppliers and delivered over the One New Zealand mobile network. They are called Premium TXT services because you buy them using your mobile phone, receive the content on your mobile phone and you will be charged a premium cost for the message.

Unique shortcodes

Each service has its own unique short code (PDF). All TXTs from a short code must be initiated by you. You may have signed up to these services by responding to a TV commercial, web page, magazine ad, or by replying to the associated shortcode. You may also have signed up by providing your mobile number to your video rental outlet or bank and agreeing to receive reminder or marketing TXT messages.

What Premium TXTs cost

The cost of a Premium TXT is variable and depends on the nature of the service. You will be informed of any charges before using these services. You can find cost information and frequency of messages on the first welcome message for a subscription services. For all other services, charges will be outlined in the original advertising.

How to stop receiving a Premium TXT service

If you no longer wish to receive these TXT messages, send the word STOP to the short code that you are receiving the TXTs from. You will be unsubscribed from the service and will receive a free TXT message confirming this.

Tips for managing your Premium TXT services spend

To manage your Premium TXT services spend and avoid unexpected high charges, One NZ recommends the following tips:

· Before providing your mobile number to anyone whether it be online or to your video rental service provider, always check what you are actually signing up to

· Check if it is a subscription service, one-off purchase, or a service and/or marketing message

· Read and confirm all terms & conditions and especially check the cost of the service and confirm how charges will apply. For content purchases, ensure that your phone is compatible

· Keep track of how often you send and receive messages from these services

· Keep a record of TXT messages being sent to opt-in and opt-out from subscription services as these contain important information related to the service

· TXT the word "STOP" at any time to the short code to cancel

Services and support

For information about the Premium TXT service you are using, open the PDF below and search for the short code you are receiving. You will then have information related to:

· Name of service

· Cost to send and/or receive TXT from a short code

· Type of service

· Contact details of the Third Party Provider

Unique short code (PDF).

Flexi Data

For Pay Monthly customers, with Flexi Data we'll send you a TXT if you are running low on data and give you options to buy more
flexi data pricing graphic illustrating bundles
flexi data pricing graphic illustrating bundles
flexi data pricing graphic illustrating bundles


  • TXT alerts* at 80% and 100% of your data allowance
  • Get more data when you need it
  • You're in control, so no surprises on your bill

Flexi Data is automatically included in all Red, Red Business, Smart, Business Smart, Smart Data, Business Smart Data, Broadband Mini, Broadband Regular and Broadband Supreme plans purchased after 24 August 2011.

It doesn’t apply if you’re using Prepay data, a BlackBerry, Opera Mini browser, Corporate APN or casual data.

Data Angel Overseas


If you're on one of our eligible Pay Monthly plans you can use your plan minutes, TXTs and data in more than 100 destinations with a Daily Roaming charge.

If you’re travelling to other countries, or if you’re on one of our Mobile Broadband or older plans, you can buy the data you need, as you need it with Data Angel Overseas.

We'll send you a TXT when you've used 80% and 100% of your data, so you'll always know exactly what you're spending.

Data Angel is a registered trademark of One NZ.

Great value data bundles

Australia and Christmas Island

$17 for 100MB, $35 for 250MB, $58 for 500MB

Free TXT to 747 A and size of bundle to buy (i.e A100, A250 or A500)
Included countries: Australia / Christmas Island

Rest of the world

$35 for 5MB, $58 for 10MB, $115 for 25MB
Free TXT to 747 C and size of bundle to buy (i.e C5, C10 or C25)
Included countries: Afghanistan / Algeria / Andorra / Angola / Armenia / Azerbaijan / Bahamas / Bahrain / Bangladesh / Belarus / Belize / Benin / Bhutan / Bolivia / Bonaire & Curacao / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Botswana / Brunei / Burkina Faso / Burundi / Cameroon / Cape Verde / Central African Republic / Chad / Congo, Democratic Republic of the / Congo, Republic of the / Cook Islands (Rarotonga) / Cuba / Djibouti / East Timor / Equatorial Guinea / Falkland Islands / French Polynesia / French Guiana / Gabon / Gambia / Georgia / Gibraltar / Greenland / Guadeloupe / Guinea / Guinea-Bissau / Guyana / Honduras / Iraq / Ivory Coast / Jordan / Kazakhstan / Kosovo / Kuwait / Kyrgyzstan / Lebanon / Lesotho / Liberia / Libya / Madagascar / Malawi / Maldives / Mali / Martinique / Mauritania / Mauritius / Micronesia / Moldova / Morocco / Mozambique / Myanmar / Namibia / Nepal / New Caledonia / Nicaragua / Niger / Nigeria / Oman / Pakistan / Russia / Rwanda / Sao Tome and Princip / Senegal / Seychelles / Sierra Leone / Solomon Islands / Somalia / South Sudan / St Barthelemy / St Martin / Suriname / Tahiti / Tajikistan / Togo / Trinidad and Tobago / Tunisia / Turkmenistan / Uganda / Ukraine / Uzbekistan / Wallis and Futuna / Yemen / Zambia / Zimbabwe

Fiji, UK, USA, most of Europe and Asia

$17 for 40MB, $35 for 100MB, $58 for 200MB
Free TXT to 747 B and size of bundle to buy (i.e B40, B100 or B200)
Included countries: Aland Islands / Albania / Anguilla / Antigua & Barbuda / Argentina / Aruba / Austria / Barbados / Belgium / Bermuda / Brazil / British Virgin Islands / Bulgaria / Cambodia / Canada / Cayman Islands / Chile / China / Colombia / Costa Rica / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / Dominica / Dominican Republic / Ecuador / Egypt / El Salvador / England / Estonia / Faroe Islands / Fiji / Finland / France / Germany / Ghana / Greece / Grenada / Guam / Guatemala / Guernsey / Haiti / Hong Kong / Hungary / Iceland / India / Indonesia / Iran / Ireland / Isle of Man / Israel / Italy / Jamaica / Japan / Jersey / Kenya / Kiribati / Laos / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macau / Macedonia / Malaysia / Malta / Mexico / Monaco / Mongolia / Montenegro / Montserrat / Nauru / Netherland Antilles / Netherlands / Northern Ireland / Northern Mariana Islands / Norway / Palestine / Panama / Papua New Guinea / Paraguay / Peru / Philippines / Poland / Portugal / Puerto Rico / Qatar / Reunion / Romania / Samoa / San Marino / Saudi Arabia / Scotland / Serbia / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / South Africa / South Korea / Spain / Sri Lanka / St Kitts and Nevis / St Lucia / St Vincent and the Grenadines / Svalbard / Swaziland / Sweden / Switzerland / Taiwan / Tanzania / Thailand / Tonga / Turkey / Turks and Caicos Islands / United Arab Emirates / Uruguay / US Virgin Islands / USA / Vanuatu / Vatican City State / Venezuela / Vietnam / Wales / Zanzibar

How Data Angel Overseas works

Buy before you fly

When you go onto the web at your destination, you'll be re-directed to buy a data bundle or you can buy a bundle up to 30 days before you fly. Simply TXT the code for the data bundle you want to 747.

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, we recommend you download the My One NZ app before you go. This is the easiest way to manage your account, check roaming prices and buy more data while roaming and at home.

Or buy when you land

You'll get a TXT* telling you how to buy a Data Angel Overseas bundle. Or, open your web browser and your tablet will automatically take you to our website.

*TXTs are not available for iPads or iPad Mini.

Top up if you need to

You can purchase data bundles as and when you need them through My One NZ.

When you've used 80% of your data allowance, we'll let you know you're about to run out. When you hit 100%, we'll ask if you'd like to buy a new bundle.

If you've got a tablet and you've used up your bundle, you won't get TXTs but we'll re-direct your web browser to our mobi site so you can choose another one.

Important things to know

  • Only for Pay Monthly Customers
  • Only one bundle per zone at any one time
  • Bundles are only valid for countries in that zone
  • Maritime roaming is not covered by Data Angel Overseas
  • Your data roaming bundle will only start once you start using data. You have 30 days from purchase in which to start using data
  • Once your data bundle is activated, any data not used within 30 days will be lost
  • Casual data rates are no longer available
  • iPad users will not receive a welcome TXT or 80% and 100% notifications but your mobile web browser will re-direct you to the page to choose and buy your bundles
  • You cannot buy bundles via TXT if you are on iPad or Corporate APN


  • If you are using email and your data session stops - go to your mobile web browser to be re-directed to the page to buy another bundle
  • If you do not receive a welcome TXT or your browser does not re-direct check that you have roaming enabled on your device

Prepay mobile customers

OCS00326_prepay_mobile_1200x500 (1).jpg

Prepay mobile customers. To set up and use these calling features, follow the guides below.

Home Phone Wireless customers

Home phone

Home Phone Wireless customers. To add, or for more information on these features, call us on 0800 189 189. Follow the guides below to use them:

Home and Rural Wireless Broadband customers

A family standing together by a gate on a farm

Home and Rural Wireless Broadband customers. To add any of the services on your account, call us on 0800 800 966. Follow the guides below to use them.


Get them to call you
OCS00326_call_me_1200x500 (1).jpg

With One NZ CallMe, we'll send a message to anyone on the One NZ network for you with a message that says ‘call me’ for free! It’s great for kids that have run out of credit.

Simply TXT the person's One NZ number to 798 and wait for them to call.

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