Call Wait | Answer a second call when you're already on a call on your mobile

Call Wait lets you answer a second incoming call if you're already on a call. You can also use this service put a call on hold while you call out to another number.

To add this feature for Home Phone Wireless, Please call us on 0800 189 189 . For Wireless Broadband (including Rural Wireless Broadband) customers, call us on 0800 800 966 .


There is a no monthly charge to use this service on your Pay Monthly account. However, There is a monthly charge (details on this Calling Features page ) for Home Phone Wireless and Wireless Broadband phone customers.

How Call Wait works

  1. Set up: See your phone's user manual for specific instructions for your phone. The service is already available on the network.
  2. If you're talking when another call comes in, your mobile will 'beep' and show you the number or name of the incoming caller.
  3. You have about 20 seconds to decide what to do.
  4. Say goodbye to your first caller and answer the new call.
  5. Put the first caller on hold and answer the new call, then switch back and forth between the calls.
  6. Do nothing and let voicemail take care of the new caller. 

Will Call Wait work for Video Calling?

No, there is no equivalent of call waiting for video calling.

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