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Rural Broadband

Get fast reliable broadband in our country's rural areas.

Farmside, for rural internet services in New Zealand.

Proudly 100% owned by One New Zealand and based in Timaru, Farmside is the passionate, progressive category leader in rural connectivity solutions.

Your rural life is the good life. Farmside’s broadband connectivity can help make it a great life.

Check out our Rural Broadband plans

or talk to our Rural Specialists to see how we can help.

*Customers must have one bill for their Rural Wireless Broadband and eligible Endless Mobile plan for a $10 monthly discount to apply. The discount will cease to apply if you no longer have your Rural Broadband connection.

Where available speeds shown are peak time national average based on the latest Commerce Commission Measuring Broadband New Zealand (MBNZ) Autumn June 2023 report. For wireless connections, factors such as the distance you are from a cell tower, the network capability and the overall use of that cell tower by the other consumers can impact the speed experienced.

Availability is not guaranteed, 4G coverage not available everywhere and requires a 4G capable device.

Details about our Rural broadband plans

Here is the finer detail about prices for boosting your data, Smart Calling features, and calling rates for Rural Broadband.

Data Boosters - Build your plan by adding data boosters.

  • Off-Peak Data Boosters - Available from midnight to 5pm. Our Fair use policy applies.

  • Anytime Data Boosters

Calling Rates - Free local and national calling.

Any NZ mobiles$0.36
Any Australia/Ireland/Canada landlines$0.26
Any USA/UK landlines$0.21
Any USA mobile$0.21
Any Canada mobiles$0.26
Any Ireland/UK mobiles$0.61
Australia mobiles (excludes call to Australia Mobile Optus Satellite)$0.36

Capped Calling (up to 2 hours).

Any Australia homeline$3
Any Canada, Ireland, USA & UK homeline$4.50

NZ Mobile TalkPacks.

    1 hour $10
    2 hours$15
    4 hours$25
    6 hours$30
    8 hours$35
    10 hours$40

    Smart Calling Features.

    Call Waiting$4.09
    Call Divert$4.09
    Caller DisplayFree

    Getting set up for Rural Broadband

    Find out what your Rural Broadband installation includes and the necessary approvals you need to obtain before we arrive.

    Depending on you location, your Rural Wireless Broadband service could be a self-install or a managed install.
    To find our what's available at your location please call our friendly team on 0800 327 674.

    • Self-installation.
    Self-installation are easy and straightforward. Once you receive your modem you simply insert the SIM card supplied and power up the modem and you’re set. There is a $20 postage and handling to send out the self-install equipment and there is a 30 day connection guarantee.

    • Managed installation.
    A managed install requires a technician to install an aerial and setup your modem. There are two types of managed installs depending on your house and location:

    1. Standard installation.
    $99 and travel fees may apply. A standard installation applies when: The premises is a single-story home or building made of wood or brick and has easy access to the roof using a ladder (not scaffolding), the roof pitch is less than 15 degrees, 10 metres of cabling or less is required, the modem is located against an exterior wall, connecting the service up to a single computer.

    2. Non-standard installation.
    $199 and travel fees may apply. A non-standard installation applies when: The premises is a 2 story or architecturally designed (1 or 2 story) home or building, the roof pitch is more than 15 degrees, scaffolding or an elevated work platform is required, the house is difficult to access (e.g. on the side of a cliff), internal cabling is required, additional cable in excess of 10 meters is required, modem needs to be located in a difficult area to access (e.g. in the roof space of an internal office), if the property is not on the mainland (e.g. Marlborough sounds and a water taxi is required).

    Important things to know

    • For wireless connections, factors like the distance you are from a cell tower location, the network capability and the overall use of that cell tower by other customers can impact the speeds you experience.
    • Factors like the performance of your modem, the location of the server you’re connected to, the performance of your device and your in-home WiFi setup can impact the speeds experienced.
    • Sufficient 4G coverage and capacity is also required. Traffic management and fair usage apply.
    • A 24 month service term applies. Early disconnections apply. If you require an open term please contact our sales team on 0800 327 674 to discuss open term options.
    • Plan prices exclude data cap overages of $5 per GB.
    • Modem must be returned if the plan is terminated in the first 12 months.
    • Off-Peak Data Boosters - provides additional data between the hours of midnight 12:00am to 5pm, and are over and above the broadband plan data allowance. You can add booster as a one-off purchase for a minimum of two months (consecutive billing periods) or add one to your account permanently.
    • Off-Peak Data Boosters purchased partway through the month are retrospective and will take effect from the start of the usage billing period, any previous off-peak data consumed will be deducted from the Off-Peak Data Boosters data allowance.
    • The 150GB off-peak booster provides 150GB of data between the hours of midnight 12:00am to 5pm over and above the broadband plan, once it has been consumed, any further usage between midnight 12:00 am – 5:00pm will use the broadband plan data allowance. If this has been fully consumed then overage up to 6GB will apply charged at the overage rate, the connection will then be throttled. Throttling can be removed by adding further data boosters.
    • Data Boosters take effect from the date of purchase to the next 20th of the month. Where boosters are purchased for future usage periods, they are billed one month in advance.
    • The billing period is from the 21st of the month to the 20th of the following month.
    • *Customers must have one bill for their Rural Wireless Broadband and eligible Endless Mobile plan for a $10 monthly discount to apply. The discount will cease to apply if you no longer have your Rural Broadband connection.

    RBI Wireless Broadband and Phone.
    • Rural Broadband and Phone is delivered over the 4G Wireless network, copper phone line is not eligible. In the event of a power failure the service will not be available, including emergency services. You will need to keep a copper landline phone connection if you have and use services such as - monitored home alarms, medical alarms, faxes, interactive Sky digital features or PABXs may not work over the RBI Broadband and phone (VoIP) service. You will need to check with your provider of any fixed line dependant services. See Farmside broadband terms and conditions for more details.
    • If power is not available then broadband, and any services which run over it including voice calling (and all calls, including emergency calls to 111), may stop working unless there is battery backup in the home. We recommend always having a charged mobile phone ready to use as a backup.
    • The connection speed of your RBI Wireless Broadband will drop from 4G speed to 4G speed when the phone service is in use.
    • RBI Wireless Broadband and Phone has a separate voice port on the modem that allows for either one corded phone or multiple phones via a DECT base station with multiple handsets.
    • RBI Wireless Broadband and Phone supports a single phone line. A Homeline service, where available can be purchased separately if a second phone is required.
    • Fair usage applies to free local and national calling.
    • One NZ’s landline service runs over broadband and relies on power in your home to operate. This means that if there is a power cut in your home, your broadband and phone will not work, and you will not be able to call 111 emergency services on your landline (unless you have a backup power source). Some devices, such as home or medical alarms, may also not work during a power cut if they do not have an inbuilt battery. It's a good idea to always have a charged mobile phone handy or to prepare an alternative power source such as a generator or battery.If you can show that you, or someone in your household, are more likely than other consumers to require the 111 emergency service, and have no alternative means to contact 111 at the premises, we will provide you with a means to contact 111 in a power cut, free of charge. For more details on our obligations under the Commerce Commission’s 111 Contact Code, eligibility criteria and how to apply to register as a vulnerable customer, visit or call us on 0800 438 448 (between 8am-7pm, Monday to Friday). Our website also contains information about how to make a complaint relating to the 111 Contact Code.

    Farmside terms and conditions apply.
    See below for more information:

    Rural Broadband coverage

    Enter your address to see Rural Wireless broadband coverage in your area.

    Guide to using the coverage map.

    • 3G Aerial - You are in One NZ 3G coverage. A technician is required to install an aerial and setup your Rural Broadband service.
    • 4G Aerial - You are in One NZ 4G coverage. A technician is required to install an aerial and setup your 4G Rural Broadband service.
    • 4G PnP – “4G Plug and Play” means you are within very good or excellent One NZ 4G coverage. Call Telesales on 0800 327 674 or visit your local One NZ Retail store, to purchase a 4G modem and just plug and play. No installation required.
    • 4G Voice, or 4G calling is also known as VoLTE, which allows calls to be made over One NZ’s 4G network. To be able to make a call in one of these 4G only areas, you need to be on a VoLTE enabled plan and have a VoLTE enabled device that has been updated with the latest manufacturers’ software. See our FAQs about VoLTE for more information including eligible devices and indicative timings of when to expect a software update.
    • Please note: The Coverage map is indicative only and intended to provide general guidance on where rural broadband coverage is available. Please call us to check what is available at your specific address.

    Talk to a Rural Specialist.

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