​ Understanding your broadband charges ​

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Ever wondered about your monthly broadband charges?

Your broadband monthly plan pricing is made up of several components of third party costs, One NZ costs and GST. These can vary, depending on which type of broadband service you are using – Fibre, Copper (ADSL or VDSL), Fixed Wireless or HFC.
Lets take a look at how these are made up.

Understanding your Copper or Fibre Broadband charges

Fibre and Copper services are provided using third party network infrastructure. For Copper, this is the Chorus network and for Fibre, this can be Chorus, Enable, Tuatahi First Fibre or Northpower, depending on where in the country you live. These charges are set subject to government regulation and at a minimum, the price for these can be increased each year to account for inflation.
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One NZ Charges

One NZ’s direct charges reflect the costs of bringing your overall broadband service to life:
  • Maintaining the servers and associated technology that connect with the internet.
  • Purchasing capacity on internet cables in and out of New Zealand.
  • Paying the government TDL levy (that helps finance ongoing development of New Zealand telecommunications networks).
  • Providing consumer support and associated services.

Chorus or Local Fibre Company Charges

Most of what you pay, is made up by your local network company (Chorus, Enable, Tuatahi First Fibre or Northpower):

  • This pays for the connection along the streets between your home and the point where your broadband signal links with One NZ.
  • The network companies charge this connection cost to One NZ, which we incorporate into your total monthly bill.

Understanding your HFC or Fixed Wireless charges

In areas where HFC is available (in parts of Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch) or our Fixed Wireless broadband is available, these are provided on One NZ’s own network infrastructure. This means we don’t have to pay third party costs for these and as we have better control of the costs of these networks, we can pass on the benefits of this through better monthly pricing.
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Graphs showing the build-up of your monthly charges are indicative and based on actual network company charges for our most common in-market plan types, and include applicable plan discounts.
HFC or Fixed Wireless Charges

HFC broadband and Fixed Wireless are provided on One NZ's own network infrastructure. There are costs to bring this service to life:
  • Maintaining the fixed and wireless technology across Aotearoa that connects to your home and to the internet.
  • Providing hardware in your home (such as a modem).
  • Paying the government TDL levy (that helps finance ongoing development of New Zealand telecommunications networks).
  • Providing consumer support and associated services.

As these types of broadband services are provided on One NZ's own network infrastructure, we have better control over these, meaning we can pass on these benefits to customers through better monthly pricing.
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How you can save money on your broadband plan

  • Use our address checker, to see if Wireless Broadband or HFC is available at your address as either of these options could be a great way to save.
  • Choose the right speed plan for your household use, including the number of people and the number of connected devices you use.
  • Don’t pay for more speed than you actually need.
  • For most kiwi households our Fibre Starter or Fibre Unlimited plans will be more than enough for you to work from home and keep the family entertained with streaming services. But if you have lots of people in your household, streaming content on many devices, you may need something a little faster.

Broadband availability

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Helpful broadband tips

Everyone knows how frustrating it is when your home broadband isn’t working properly – video calls or online movies get disrupted by buffering, or downloading that big file seems to take forever. While it’s natural to think there is an issue with your broadband, often the problem is what’s going on with your home Wifi setup.

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