In-flight roaming

Using your mobile on the plane

Using your phone in-flight

You can make calls and send TXTs on your mobile phone during selected domestic and international flights. Your airline will be able to tell you if the flight you're on is set up for in-flight roaming.

In-flight roaming is not available on all flights and the use of in-flight roaming may be restricted by the airline to reduce cabin noise.

Important: You can make calls and send TXTs with in-flight roaming but in-flight data roaming is not available. If you want to use data and the internet when you are on your flight ask about the WiFi data package options they have available onboard.
How in-flight roaming works

Aircrafts are fitted with mobile in-flight equipment and you must activate roaming on your mobile account before you fly. You’ll get information on how to use in-flight roaming from crew members when you’re onboard.

  • In-flight roaming can only be used during the flight at cruise altitude i.e. above 4000 meters
  • Your mobile must be switched off during take-off and landing and when the 'no phone' sign is on
  • Your mobile must not be used in the aisles, lavatory or galley areas of the aircraft
  • Your mobile must be switched to 'vibrate' or 'quiet’

In-flight roaming is safe to use

The new in-flight equipment has been specifically manufactured and tested so passengers can safely use mobile phones onboard. This service is only available on select aircraft with in-flight equipment installed.

Using your mobile phone for making phone calls and TXTing is strictly prohibited on all other flights.

Important things to know

  • Your Prepay connection will work automatically when roaming on both the On-Air & Aeromobile networks
  • In-flight roaming will only work on selected aircraft that have in-flight roaming equipment installed
  • Routes and destinations will vary subject to scheduling by airlines
  • You'll need to contact your airline directly to find out if in-flight roaming is available on your flight
  • To use in-flight roaming on domestic or international flights you must have roaming set up on your mobile account before you fly
  • The use of in-flight roaming may be restricted by the airline to reduce cabin noise
  • All call charges are per minute and will be rounded up to the next minute
  • Services are provided via satellite therefore you may notice speech delays of up to 3 seconds on voice calls
  • You are unable to retrieve voicemail messages using in-flight roaming services

Frequently asked questions

Will all mobile services be available to me?

You'll be able to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS normally but unable to retrieve voice mail.

What will it cost me to use?

There is no cost to receive an SMS however costs of other services depend on the airline used. All airlines listed except Emirates use the On-Air pricing shown in the table below. Emirates uses the Aeromobile pricing.

On-Air Pricing

Making a call$4.03/min (incl. GST)
Receiving a call$2.30/min (incl. GST)
Sending an SMS92c per SMS(incl. GST)
Using dataIn-flight data roaming is not available. Please talk to your airline about on-board Wifi packages

Aeromobile Pricing

Making a call$9.20/min (incl. GST)
Receiving a call$9.20/min (incl. GST)
Sending an SMS$1.15 per SMS (incl. GST)
Using dataIn-flight data roaming is not available. Please talk to your airline about on-board Wifi packages

All prices include GST

What can I expect?

Using your mobile with the in-flight service is virtually the same as how you'd normally call or TXT. However as the service is delivered by satellite, you may notice delays of up to 3 seconds on some voice calls.

Can I use my normal One NZ mobile phone?

Yes. If you can currently use your mobile phone with One NZ you'll be able to use this with the in-flight service.

Can I use the service on any flight with any airline?

Currently there are a limited number of airlines that offer the in-flight service:

In-flight airlines logo

These airlines will only offer the service on specific flights. To find out whether your flight has the in-flight service available you'll need to contact the airline. One NZ won't be able to provide you with any information about this. Also, during some flights the airline may disable the service to reduce cabin noise. Services may differ between airlines & routes. The cabin crew will tell you if some services are restricted for your flight.

How do I get in-flight services?

In-flight services are a type of roaming service. If you're a business customer then you may have this by default on your connection. If you're a residential customer you'll need to contact us to have roaming added to your connection.

How will charges for the in-flight service appear on my bill?

Any charges incurred will show under the roaming section of your monthly invoice. The network/country ID will display as either On-Air or Aeromobile as per the pricing structures shown above.

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