Premium TXT services

These TXT, PXT and data services enable you to vote on TV shows, enter competitions receive information updates and buy content such as ringtones, wallpapers and games


  • Enter competitions from your phone
  • Information services can be accessed by TXT or PXT
  • Easy and simple to access

What are Premium TXT services?
Premium TXT services are mobile content or information services that can be accessed by TXT or PXT or via data GPRS/WAP services. These services enable you to vote on TV shows, enter competitions, receive information updates and buy content such as ringtones, wallpapers and games, and hundreds of other services. Premium TXT services are also used by charities to raise funds for their causes.

Premium TXT services are generally run using short codes. Short codes are 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers are used as the address to send the TXT message. Some Premium TXT services also use 10 digit numbers like a phone number.

Premium TXT services are provided by third parties.
These third parties have arrangements in place with us to provide the services to you and where appropriate for these charges to appear on your account. These services are created by content suppliers and delivered over our mobile network. They are called Premium TXT services because you buy them using your mobile phone, receive the content on your mobile phone and you will be charged a premium cost for the message.

Unique short-codes.
Each service has its own unique short code. All TXTs from a short code must be initiated by you. You may have signed up to these services by responding to a TV commercial, web page, magazine ad, or by replying to the associated short-code. You may also have signed up by providing your mobile number to your video rental outlet or bank and agreeing to receive reminder or marketing TXT messages.

What Premium TXTs cost.
The cost of a Premium TXT is variable and depends on the nature of the service. You will be informed of any charges before using these services. You can find cost information and frequency of messages on the first welcome message for a subscription services. For all other services, charges will be outlined in the original advertising.

How to stop receiving a Premium TXT service.
If you no longer wish to receive these TXT messages, send the word STOP to the short code that you are receiving the TXTs from. You will be unsubscribed from the service and will receive a free TXT message confirming this.

Tips for managing your Premium TXT services spend.
To manage your Premium TXT services spend and avoid unexpected high charges, we recommend the following tips:

  • Before providing your mobile number to anyone whether it be online or to your video rental service provider, always check what you are actually signing up to
  • Check if it is a subscription service, one-off purchase, or a service and/or marketing message
  • Read and confirm all terms & conditions and especially check the cost of the service and confirm how charges will apply. For content purchases, ensure that your phone is compatible
  • Keep track of how often you send and receive messages from these services
  • Keep a record of TXT messages being sent to opt-in and opt-out from subscription services as these contain important information related to the service
  • TXT the word "STOP" at any time to the short code to cancel

Services and Support
For information about the Premium TXT service you are using, open the PDF below and search for the short code you are receiving. You will then have information related to:

  • Name of service
  • Cost to send and/or receive TXT from a short code
  • Type of service
  • Contact details of the Third Party Provider

Shortcode details for premium and interactive services (PDF)

Important things to know

The responsibility for your mobile, and the cost of any calls and messages made from your mobile, usually rests with you.

  • This includes Premium TXT Services used by family and friends, even when made without your knowledge. Failure to be able to pay a phone bill could result in the restriction of your telephone service and could reduce your ability to obtain credit in the future.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen you must let One NZ know straight away, you don't want somebody else racking up your phone bill. Call us on 777 and we will protect your account.

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