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Mates to MyFlex Prepay

We remain absolutely focused on keeping you connected, giving you great value and continuously improving the service you receive, which sometimes means our plans can change. In May we’re moving you to a MyFlex Prepay plan as we are no longer offering Mates.

Check below for answers to some frequently asked questions, or to read the terms & conditions.


Will the price of my new MyFlex plan be the same as my Mates plan?

Yes, your monthly plan price will remain the same when we move you to MyFlex – the only difference is that your plan will renew every 28 days instead of every 30 days.

Plus, if you’re currently on an active Mates plan and remain on this until we move you, you’ll get an extra 1GB of data every month on us!

What if I make a change to my Mates plan before you move me to MyFlex?

To receive the extra 1GB of plan data on MyFlex, you must have an active Mates plan when we move you.
If you are currently paying casual rates on your Mates plan, you will not receive the extra data when we move you to MyFlex.

What other options do I have if I don’t want to move to MyFlex?

We have great Pay Monthly plan options, otherwise if you’re keen to stay on a Prepay plan, we have Pay & Go options.

Are the prices of the Daily Deals and Add-Ons the same on MyFlex?

Yes, the prices of Daily Deals and Add-Ons are the same.
Plus, as a MyFlex Prepay customer you get access to DataUp, which gives you an extra 10% bonus of your MyFlex data allowance each time your plan renews on time! Your DataUp keeps multiplying until you double your plan data with 100% data bonus. When you renew your plan, your new DataUp bonus will be available to redeem exclusively from the My One NZ app within 24 hours of renewal.

What is the bonus you’re applying?

We are applying a bonus of either 5GB or 1000 minutes to your Mates plan (lasts 90 days) to celebrate your move across to MyFlex Prepay.
When you move, any remaining bonus will transfer across to your MyFlex plan.

The bonus you receive is based on your usage and you’ll receive a text message during May letting you know your bonus is ready to use, and reminding you about your move to MyFlex.

  • If you chat more, you’ll get 1000 NZ/OZ mins that lasts for 90 days.
  • If you use data more, you’ll get 5GB data that lasts for 90 days.

If you move to another Prepay or Pay Monthly plan or another provider, your bonus will not be applied.

How have you worked out my usage for applying the bonus?

We’ve looked at how you’ve been using your phone over the last 6 months.
So if you’ve chatted more, you’ll get bonus minutes, if you’ve used data more, you’ll get bonus data.

Will the bonus be on top of any Daily Deals, or Add-Ons I have?

Yes, the bonus will be over and above any Daily Deals or Add-Ons you have.
Standard order of use applies.

What if I want to move to another network?

You’ll need to contact the other network provider, and they will organise for your Prepay number to move across.
You will lose any credit when your move completes.

What will happen if my Mates plan is on hold?

You will be moved to an on hold MyFlex Prepay plan.

Will my renewal date change?

For the first month, your renewal date will remain the same.
After that, your plan will renew every 28 days.

How will I know I'm on my new MyFlex plan?

You will receive a text when you’ve moved to your new MyFlex plan.
You can check your balance and entitlements via the My One NZ app.

What if I have a pending Mates plan change? For example, I’ve added more minutes for my next plan renewal.

When we move you to MyFlex Prepay, your current Mates plan will be recreated, and any pending plan changes for your Mates plan will be lost.
You can use the My One NZ app to flex your MyFlex data, mins or TXTs up and down.

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