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Enjoy the mobile world safely and securely

Like most things in life, online technology comes with risks. Bullying, cyber-crime, viruses and exposure to inappropriate material are the downsides of the high-tech world we live in. At One NZ, we’ve found ways to help keep you safe while you digitally go wherever your mood takes you.

6 simple tips to help keep your mobile safe

Write down and store your mobile's IMEI number
An IMEI is a unique 15-digit serial number. If you dial *#06# using your keypad, your IMEI will appear on your screen. If you lose your phone, just give us the IMEI number and we'll stop the phone from being used on our network, even with a new SIM card.
Set up and use your mobile security lock code or PIN
You can set up a PIN to stop anyone else using your mobile and making unauthorised calls (the mobile freezes after three wrong attempts). Your mobile comes with the preset PIN 1234#. We recommend changing this to a new number only you know.
Label your mobile
If you can, try to mark your SIM card and memory card with a unique identifier. This makes it easier to identify your phone when found. You should also add your name to your device (under phone profile) as a form of identification.
Be aware of snatchers
If you're in an unfamiliar neighbourhood and need to make a phone call, we recommend using a hands-free device. Also if you are texting or looking down at your phone, be sure to look up periodically and glance around to deter potential snatchers.
Don’t tempt thieves
When out and about, keep your mobile on you rather than in a handbag or jacket placed away from you. Similarly, if you must leave your mobile in your car, keep the car locked and the mobile out of sight. Even in familiar places like the office, be sure not to leave your phone unattended.
Prevent liquid damage
Even if your phone is water resistant, we recommend not testing the limits of its resistance. Avoid using the phone in environments like the shower or in heavy rain. If you can, avoid taking your phone with you to the pool where it's more likely to get submerged in water.
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