Help with scam SMS/TXT

Here's some info on what to do if you've received a scam SMS

In recent years we have unfortunately seen an increase in fraudsters trying to defraud New Zealanders via scam SMS’s. Scammers can be very sophisticated, so if you think you have received a scam SMS you need to report it.

Please remember to never give out personal information if you unsure who the SMS sender is - this means do not share your bank account, credit card details, login detail or passwords if you think you may have received a scam SMS.

When you report a scam SMS to us, we’ll investigate this and try to block the number or sender if possible.

SMS scams are an industry-wide issue, which all telcos are working to combat.

A recent scam text is the Flubot malware, which infects Android phones.

What to do if you think you’ve received a scam SMS

If you receive an unexpected SMS/Txt that seems strange or suspicious, the best action to take is:

  1. Don’t tap on any website links shown in the SMS. This may cause malicious software to be installed on your device or take you to a fake/phishing website which may request your personal details.
  2. Call the company. If a message says it’s from a particular company, ring the company (find their number online, don’t call the number the SMS was sent from) and alert that company about the SMS you have received. They will let you know if it was a legitimate SMS.
  3. Report it to us. Please report any instances of suspected scam SMS’s calls to us via the form below (if we are your telecommunications provider) so we can investigate the matter and block the number if necessary. The more information you can provide the better, which ideally includes the date, time and phone number that sent the SMS to you.
  4. Report it to Netsafe. All scams should also be reported to Netsafe , regardless if it was an internet, phone, SMS or other type of scam. Even if you were not tricked by the scam, reporting it can protect others. Please report a scam to Netsafe here.
  5. Report it to Dept. of Internal Affairs (DIA) by forwarding the SMS to 7726.

If you receive another sort of scam

Please report all suspected fraud to Netsafe, and you can find more information at the links below:

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