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Current Frauds and Scams

17 November 2023 | Impersonation of One NZ using spoofed NZ numbers

We have noticed an increase in scam calls with spoofed NZ numbers. These scam calls originated from overseas and mostly used spoofed NZ mobile numbers. When the recipients of these scam calls dial back the spoofed numbers, they get connected to the original owners of the numbers who are not aware of these scam calls. We believe that these spoofed numbers are randomly generated and customers are not aware of any situations where the scammers had used their personal information.

If you receive a scam call with a NZ number, please report this to us here.


October - November 2023 | Impersonation of One NZ via Text/SMS

We have noticed an increase in SMS scams.

  • The sender's number will be 642xxxxxxx
  • The URLs on the text will have parts of it showing "onenz" however, the correct URL is
  • Content of the scam text varies however it is highly likely about a failed bill payment, and prompt to click a link to avoid penalty fees or termination of your account. Please do not click on the link, and report this to us here.

Example of content:

  • "OneNZ: Kia ora we were unable to take payment for your last bill. To avoid fees and termination of your services visit: https:// my-one-nz[.]com"

These are not legitimate texts. If you accidentally make any payments or provide information on these sites, please contact your banks immediately.


31 August 2023 | "Visa cancellation" call scam

Example of content:

  • Hello when you receive this call it means your visa will be cancelled. Please select the button to connect to the customer service centre press 1 for English and 2 for Chinese.

These are not legitimate calls. If you receive a call like the above, hang up immediately and get in touch with your bank.


If you receive any of these scams, please report to Department of Internal Affairs here and delete the message.

For more information on fraud and scams safety, please refer to the below:

List of Frauds and Scams

8 August 2023 | Fake My One NZ login page

The short URL in the SMS redirects to https[:]//one[.]billing-help[.]line[.]pm/ - It presents a phishing page disguising to be My One NZ login page. The page is looking to obtain customer's personal information such as name, email, My One NZ password, credit card details, mobile number, and residential address.

Example of content:
  • “Your mobile plan expires tomorrow at 12:01am. To avoid disruption to your mobile service, renew your plan early by visiting: https[:]//lia[.]nz/UKfB Thanks, One NZ”

31 July 2023 | "Hey Mum" scam

The scam targets families where the scammer poses as their family/child and is asking for help via SMS. The scenario proceeds with describing the child being vulnerable and sending the message from a new number they purchased or borrowed. They lure the victim to provide the credit card details to make a purchase via SMS.

Example of content:
  • “Hey mum, my phone fell in some water and now its damaged. Txt me on my new number as soon as possible…."
  • “I’m in a store now and can get a new phone for $100. Can you help me.”

19 July 2023 | "New anti-spam features from My One NZ app" scam

Example of content:
  • "OneNZ: Kia Ora, we’re proud to announce the new anti-spam features that the latest version of My One NZ app includes. Download it now via (link xxxxxxxx)"
  • The origins show an Australian +61 number as sender.

8 June 2023 | Impersonation of One NZ

A new scam has been identified (originally discovered back on May 10th) targeting customers with an automated message. The recording says that there is an issue with your account and you may be disconnected.

What happens if I get a call?
  • If you receive this scam call it will most commonly be from a +64 (New Zealand) number.
  • When you answer the call a recorded message plays saying there is something wrong with your One New Zealand account and that it will be disconnected
  • The recorded message attempts to guide you through a series of prompts to speak to someone to resolve the issue. (options to press 1 for English or 2 for Chinese speakers).

If you get a call that matches this description, end the call and report it. These types of scams will typically target your payment or identity information. Please remain vigilant and report scam calls via our website:

1 June 2023 | "Tax refund" and "Access to BNZ" scam

Example of content:
  • "After further review you are due a tax refund. Please visit and enter your details to process your payment at:"

URL may morph – if in doubt please contact IRD via official website.

Other examples include:
  • "BNZ: We have temporarily restricted access to your account due to suspicious activity. Please visit:"
  • "BNZ: We have temporarily restricted access to your account due to suspicious activity. Please visit:"

10 May 2023 | "Overdue Toll Invoice" scam

Example of content:
"Overdue Toll Invoice A vehicle registered in your name recently travelled on a toll road and the toll has not been paid. More details (URL)"

The URL can lead to submission page requesting personal information or potentially harmful malware to be downloaded.

20 - 21 April 2023 | "Subscription of Norton" scam

  • Victim receives scam call – (unknown origin of company).
  • Caller states they have been infected with malware and offer to remove.
  • Install of AnyDesk into their mobile as solution. This grants remote access.
  • An App called Sim Gateway is installed and seen on the phone.
  • Then in the background it starts sending SMS - Example of text message:"Your subscription of Norton is auto renewed successfully. Amount : $399.99 Transaction will appear in next 24 hours. If you wish to cancel; Call +64XXXXXXXXX"

Solution: Uninstall the app and factory reset the device.

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