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Flexi data

Your mobile is probably essential to the way you do business, but it's important to keep a lid on costs while ensuring you don't run out of data.

So you'll love Flexi Data - a smart service that lets you know when your data is going, going, gone.

  • We'll send you a TXT when your data is getting low
  • Gives you easy options for getting more data
  • No nasty surprises when you get your bill

Find out more about Flexi Data for Business
Man using phone at airport Man using phone at airport

Roaming overseas

Take your mobile, tablet or laptop travelling and you can talk, TXT or access the internet in over 200 destinations.

Find out more about Roaming overseas
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Connect with multiTXT Pro

multiTXT Pro makes sending messages simple and cost-effective – helping you connect with customers, staff and suppliers efficiently.
Whether you’re contacting an individual or group, you can track and send your message immediately or at a scheduled time.

Find out more about multiTXT Pro
People using Video conferencing in office People using Video conferencing in office

Audio conferencing

Save time and money by holding conferences by phone. Audio conferencing with Vodafone is easy. You create your own meeting room for free, and then your meeting participants dial in from any phone, anywhere in the world.

Woman talking on mobile Woman talking on mobile

Mobile answering service

personalOperator is a service for your mobile phone. In addition to the usual option of leaving a voicemail message, it gives callers the option of being forwarded to a mobile or landline that you’ve nominated.

Find out more about personalOperator
Woman talking on phone at florist Woman talking on phone at florist

Human answering service

Some people just prefer talking to a person than leaving a recorded message. With messagePage, you can have all your missed calls answered personally. Any messages are then forwarded to you as a TXT that includes the name of the caller, their message and a call back number.

Getting a full TXT message lets you see what your caller wanted immediately. And if the callers reply number is in the TXT, you can call them back immediately – so there's no scrabbling for a pen and writing down numbers as you're listening to voiceMail.

Because its a personal answering service, when you sign up for messagePage, you get to tell us exactly how you want your calls to be answered.

Find out more about messagePage
Woman showing tollfree card Woman showing tollfree card

TollFree 0800

If your customer base is spread throughout the country, a free-calling number is an essential and inexpensive sales and customer support tool. Vodafone can provide you with an 0800 number or word number; we can also ensure that calls are automatically directed to the most appropriate answering point.

No matter where a customer is calling from, a Vodafone TollFree number or word number ensures the call is directed to the most appropriate answer point. And it won’t cost your customer a thing.

We have free-calling solutions for every kind of business.

Find out more about TollFree 0800
Woman talking on a pink mobile phone Woman talking on a pink mobile phone

Local number on a mobile

Increase your sales opportunities, reduce your telephony costs by routing a local number to your mobile. Local customers will reach you anytime for the price of a standard landline call.

Local Number on a Mobile is great for people who:

- Want to be reached at all time
- Don't want callers to incur unexpected expense when they contact you
- Want the professional image with a landline number
- Want cost certainty
- Get smarter - one device and one voicemail means you don't need to check in at home as well as the office
- Measurable value to your customers and your business

Find out more about Local number on a mobile

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