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Anytime. Anywhere.

Our dedicated IoT network means you benefit from our experience and global reach, and robust levels of service. With a range of connectivity solutions to support your IoT application, you can focus on what you do best, knowing that your business is in capable hands. You can also manage your IoT connectivity end-to-end through our dedicated IoT portal.

Local plans to suit your needs


TXT and Talk can be added to both plans for an extra fee per connection.

Our IoT Platform


Global SIM

With our Global SIM we can support your IoT infrastructure around the world. It’s set up and ready to use, making installing, distributing and deploying your IoT solutions simple.

A simple to use portal

Our centrally hosted, secure self-service platform provides superb control with an intuitive web interface. The portal's dashboard lets you view and manage your entire global IoT estate and can be customised according to job role.


Real-time alerts

The platform's business rules capability allows you to monitor your SIMs and immediately send alerts or move them to another administrative state when set criteria are met.


You can generate a variety of standard and bespoke reports, helping you understand how your remote assets are working and operating on the network.

Easy SIM management

Using the portal's convenient self-service capabilities, you can order SIMs in bulk, set country and regional restrictions and also change SIM operational states, giving you flexibility.

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