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A Ready Government connects people, places and things simply, so you are ready to help all Kiwis connect to and use government services.

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With ready government you can be great today and ready tomorrow

One NZ Ready Government   Enabling Agencies with TaaS

One NZ Ready Government Enabling Agencies with TaaS

Together with the New Zealand Government, we’re introducing a new way of working – Ready Government. It connects your people, places and things to help your agency work more flexibly, efficiently and securely. Now you can achieve the outcomes you need – without investing in the technology you don’t.

We’ve streamlined processes to help you do more: connect multiple sites, increase connectivity, unify your communications, improve access and calling, simplify your contact centre or reduce your admin tasks by handing them over to us. Whether it’s giving frontline workers real-time connectivity on smart devices, or improving office-based operations, it’s about freeing up your agency to focus on the projects that will really make a difference.

We’re helping the New Zealand Government be great today and ready for tomorrow. Let's get started.

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Ready Government helps caregivers spend less time on admin and more time with patients.

Healthcare organisations must meet the demands of an increasing population while improving patient services, protecting patient data and working more efficiently.

Together with the New Zealand Government, Ready Government lets healthcare providers embrace technologies that help them deliver better patient connectivity, improved quality of care and help caregivers save precious time every week. Like using tablets to easily and securely track patients’ health on the go, or mobile technologies such as video, email and TXT to connect caregivers to patients quickly and conveniently.

Talk to us to find out how we can help your agency meet patient expectations and contribute to new healthcare models that will improve the way your people work
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Central Government

Ready Government lets New Zealanders easily and securely access services.

With more people using devices to do their banking and shopping, that same quality and ease of engagement is now expected from government agencies.

Ready Government helps New Zealand Government agencies get ready for new and better ways of working with technologies like voice, video and data that streamline communications for faster, more efficient and more secure public services, while improving the bottom line.

Shifting to a new ‘as-a-service’ model lets government agencies access a wide range of services, products and infrastructure solutions. Whether it's WiFi, video conferencing, unified communications, security solutions or fibre, they can now scale their services to their needs.

Talk to us to find out how we can help your government agency work better for all New Zealanders.


Ready Government helps raise educational standards and meet budget and resource constraints.

New Zealand’s educators must adopt new technologies to help them provide a responsive environment that gets their student’s ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Ready Government helps New Zealand’s educational institutions purchase technological solutions off the shelf and scale them to their needs. From the broadband connectivity that assists teachers and students with their work, to cloud computing for secure file access and the network solutions that intelligently link multiple sites to connect different departments.

We can give education providers the ability to enhance their connectivity, so they can offer more flexible working options for staff and learning opportunities for students– without the need for costly infrastructure and IT personnel.

Talk to us about how we can help your agency find new ways of delivering high quality education while cutting costs.
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Local Government

Ready Government uses innovative technologies to engage with locals on issues that matter.

Local authorities are under pressure to ensure communities run smoothly and challenges are dealt with efficiently.

Ready Government lets local government agencies access services like voice, video and data, which transform the way municipal services are delivered. That means local government agencies can easily streamline their communication processes, spend less time on admin and more time on the job at hand. Plus it means seamless, secure interaction with the public and businesses.

Talk to us about how we can help your local government agency make the most of scalable and flexible solutions that let you achieve more with less.

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