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Local number on a mobile

Increase your sales opportunities, reduce your telephony costs by routing a local number to your mobile. Local customers will reach you anytime for the price of a standard landline call

Local Number on a Mobile is great for people who:

  • Want to be reached at all times
  • Don't want callers to incur unexpected expenses when they contact you
  • Want the professional image with a landline number
  • Want cost certainty


  • Get smarter - one device and one voicemail means you don't need to check in at home as well as the office
  • Measurable value to your customers and your business

Local Number on a Mobile is available on all Business Basics and Business Plans. It is no longer available with talkZoneZero Plus, Business Smart, and Business Smart Data plans as these are no longer for sale.
When a Local Number is added to your mobile, any landline services associated with that number, like broadband or fax, won't be transferred.
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