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multiTXT for Business

multiTXT is the messaging service that helps businesses of all sizes connect with customers, team members and suppliers efficiently and effectively via SMS. Easily send messages, reminders, and marketing campaigns to many people all at once.

Sending bulk messages stacks up


Long code or short code?

Choose the bulk SMS platform that works best for your business or organisation.
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multiTXT Pro

Everything you need in a bulk SMS platform.
Add with ease
Simple API integration with your existing system means you can fully automate TXT alerts.
Business support
Gain full access to our help centre, which includes FAQs and user guide.
Access anywhere
Send and receive TXTs from your web browser, email, or mobile device.
Keep track of all your conversations with two-way threaded messaging.
Message help
Create and access a range TXT-friendly templates, and schedule messages.
Get going quickly
Count on seamless integration with CRM systems thanks to the simple API interface.
Online control
Upload bulk address books, easily access reporting, set message count limits and more.
Flexible service
Each account only requires one administrator, but you can add many users.

What multiTXT Pro means for your business

Instant engagement
Send personalised messages to groups in real time, to improve communication.

Increased productivity
The power to send bulk SMS fast frees you up to focus on more important tasks.
Easy measurability
Track delivery performance and response rates via reporting and analytics.

Greater cost savings
Manage your costs with a simple $20 monthly subscription per account.

Get multiTXT Pro for less than 70c/day

$20/month per account (excl. GST) | $149 one-off setup fee | Volume-based tiered pricing | Multiple large address books

Pricing and restrictions

Pricing for multiTXT Pro
  1. This service is only available for On Account customers
  2. All pricing excludes GST
  3. Usage resets to zero each month
  4. International TXT available on multiTXT Pro at $0.15 + GST per SMS
  5. See full multiTXT terms and conditions.
  6. multiTXT Pro SMS API user guide (PDF)
  7. Find all updates on the status of MultiTXT Pro.

Usage costs for multiTXT Pro
1 – 2,000 TXTs: $0.12 per TXT
2,001 – 5,000 TXTs: $0.11 per TXT
5,001 – 15,000 TXTs: $0.10 per TXT
15,001 – 50,000 TXTs: $0.09 per TXT
Over 50,000 TXTs: $0.08 per TXT

For example, if you use 5,400 TXTs:
  • The first 2,000 will be at$0.12
  • The next 3,000 at$0.11
  • And 400 will be at$0.10

multiTXT Short Code

The next level in bulk SMS platforms, multiTXT Short Code Service provides businesses with a dedicated 4-digit SMS number for sending and receiving messages from customers.
Brand recognition
Get a dedicated 4-digit number that lets recipients save your brand name to their phone.
Sidestep cyber criminals and reassure customers about the authenticity of your SMS.
SMS marketing campaigns
Make it easy for customers to opt-in and advertise short codes everywhere.
Custom keywords
Use keywords to distinguish between campaigns, then track them in more detail.
Two-way messaging
Let customers send and receive messages directly – amazing for customer support or queries.
Mobile landing pages
Customise mobile landing pages for each recipient and forget about expensive web developers.
High volume
Send thousands of SMS messages in a click.
International sending
Ability to apply to send SMS messages to international countries.

What multiTXT Short Code means for your business

Instant engagement
Send personalised messages to groups in real time, to improve communication.

Increased productivity
The power to send bulk SMS fast frees you up to focus on more important tasks.
Easy measurability
Track delivery performance and response rates via reporting and analytics.

Greater automation
Easily automate reminders, bookings, RSVPs, notices and other notifications all through the same number.

Understanding the different rated codes

Zero-rated codes are short codes that allow you to send and receive SMS messages for free. While standard-rated codes are short codes that may involve a charge for the recipient to send or receive SMS messages.
OCS00454_table_mobile@2x (1).png OCS00454_table_desktop@2x (1).png

Get multiTXT Short Code

$75/week. $300/month dedicated short code (excl. GST) | Volume-based tiered pricing
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Pricing and restrictions

Pricing for multiTXT Short Code
Up to 2,000: 12 cent flat rate 12 cents per SMS
2,001 - 5,000: 11 cent flat rate 11 cents per SMS
5,001 - 15,000: 10 cent flat rate 10 cents per SMS
15,001 - 50,000: 9 cent flat rate 9 cents per SMS
50,000+: 8 cent flat rate 8 cents per SMS
Monthly fee $300 per month dedicated short code $20 per account
Set-up fee $750 $149

Conditions of pricing*
  1. All messages are charged at the same rate based on the total monthly volume. For example, if an organisation sends 25,000 SMS messages in one month, each SMS will be charged at 9 cents.
  2. Usage resets monthly and excludes GST.

  • multiTXT Short Codes are only identifiable within NZ. You must specify any international countries you are sending to as part of your application (note – TFN required for US and Canada).
  • The sender identifier must be included at the beginning of the message.
  • multiTXT Short Codes require consent from end users before any SMS can be sent.
  • For marketing messages, an opt-out must be provided at the end of the message and must be free.
  • Transactional messages on a standard rated short code need to include in the message that replies will cost
  • 20c/ standard SMS charges will apply.

One NZ will not allow any SMS campaigns for debt collection agencies.

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