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Make the most of two numbers on one device.

eSIM is the embedded-SIM built into the latest generation phones that lets you connect to phones, tablets, laptops and (coming in 2023) watches.

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Have Work and Play on one device.
You’ll never need to carry a work phone and your personal phone everywhere, ever again.
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Travel without the hassle.
When you’re overseas there’s no need to carry a wallet full of physical SIM cards.
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Being good to the planet.
Switching to eSIM means reduced plastic, reduced packaging, and manufacturing.

Already have an eSIM-capable device?

Here's what you'll need.

Phones with eSIM.

  • iPhone XR, iPhone XS and later models.
  • Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20 (FE series excluded) and later models.
  • OPPO Find X5 and OPPO Find X5 Pro.
If you're not sure whether your phone has eSIM, go to your phone settings and search for the IMEI details, the SIM settings, or SIM-card manager. And, you can also check with the company that made your phone.

Tablets with eSIM.

  • iPad Pro (11-inch) and later models.
  • iPad Pro (3rd gen, 12.9-inch) and later models.
  • iPad Air (3rd gen) and later models.
  • iPad (7th gen) and later models
  • iPad Mini (5th gen) and later models.

Watches with eSIM

eSIM for wearables is coming in 2023. That lets you make calls and stream music from your smartwatch without having to carry your phone with you!

Get your eSIM now.

You can buy an eSIM for your Pay Monthly mobile connection online, or from a One NZ store near you.

We will do the activation for you

If you already have a SIM card with One NZ, see us in store to switch to eSIM. Available for Pay Monthly and Prepay connections.

Before you arrive:
  • Transfer your contacts and other information as only your mobile number is transferred to the new eSIM (to find out how, search for ‘import contacts’ in your device guide)
  • Check that you have a current photo ID with you (a driver's license or passport for example).


About eSIM

What is dual SIM?

Every SIM has its own phone number which in turn has its own mobile plan. And many phones offer dual SIM capability, meaning you could have two SIMs in one phone. Often, one will be an eSIM and the other will be a physical SIM. You can use both SIMs on one phone to make and receive calls and texts.

Am I able to switch between two SIMs on my phone?

Yes. Most dual SIM phones are Dual SIM Dual Standby (or DSDS). If your phone supports DSDS, you can assign each SIM to voice, data and/or texts. To discover how to turn a SIM on or off, check your device's user guide.

Is it possible to use both SIMs at once?

No, you can only use one network at a time. For instance, if you are on a call on one line, you can't get a call on the other SIM at the same time.

Buying a One NZ eSIM

Can I use eSIM on a Prepay plan with my phone?

You can’t buy a new prepaid connection on an eSIM. But if you are an existing One NZ prepaid customer you can walk into a One NZ store and swap your physical SIM for an eSIM .

Can I get a One NZ eSIM on a phone I bought from another provider?

Yes, you can get a One NZ eSIM on any phone that supports eSIM. However, we can't guarantee eSIM will be supported if your device is locked by a telco in another country. Come into a One NZ store and we’ll help you out.

What should I do with my physical SIM when I get an eSIM?

Once your eSIM has been activated, you can remove the physical SIM card, which can be reused in another phone. You'll need to have a new plan connected to the physical SIM as it can't share the plan with your eSIM.

eSIM Portability

Can I transfer my eSIM to a different mobile network?

Your eSIM itself cannot be moved. However, you can transfer your mobile number on an eSIM to a different mobile network through the porting process. You’ll need to get a fresh QR code from your new mobile network and set up a new profile on your eSIM or a new physical SIM.

If I have two mobile numbers and move one to my eSIM-capable phone, does my second connection need to be with One NZ?

No, your second connection can be connected to any service provider, whether it's prepaid or pay monthly.

I want to move my eSIM profile to another device. Can I reuse a QR code once it has been scanned?

Yes. To move your phone number/SIM profile to another phone:

  • Make sure you’re connected to Wi-fi (not phone data)
  • Delete the eSIM profile from your current phone
  • Leave your current phone for a few minutes
  • Scan the QR code you already have onto the new phone.

You should then be able to add the eSIM to your new phone.

eSIM Troubleshooting

I switched to eSIM – now I have no service

Make sure your eSIM is enabled on your phone settings. If your new eSIM card has not started working after 2 hours:

  • Ensure the new SIM is in your phone
  • Turn your mobile off and on again

If it's still not working, call us on 0800 800 021.

I can’t find the QR code for my eSIM

If you bought your phone online and chose eSIM when ordering, we emailed the QR code to the email address you gave us:

  • Double-check the email address you gave us, or
  • Check your spam folder.

If you have an eligible phone that you didn’t buy from One NZ:

  • Check with us, or
  • Come into a One NZ store for a QR code.

I can’t scan the eSIM QR code!

If you’re having trouble scanning the eSIM QR code:

  • Make sure you’re connected to Wi-fi or a hotspot
  • Don’t scan the QR code using your camera app – go through the Settings menu on your phone
  • Check you’re using the QR code emailed to you when you placed your order
  • Try scanning the QR code again.

The eSIM download failed partway through

If the eSIM profile download fails partway through, restart your device and try downloading the profile again.

My call dropped or won’t connect after activating my eSIM

This can happen if the physical SIM card is set as the primary profile:

  • Take out your physical SIM card or set the eSIM as the primary profile
  • Check you have a physical SIM card and an eSIM (Dual SIM). If both are turned off, the call will fail.
  • Make sure the profile you want to use for calling is turned on and set as the primary profile.

I lost or broke my phone which had the eSIM

Call us now on 0800 800 021 (+64 9 355 2007 if you’re overseas) to block your old SIM if your phone is lost or stolen. You can grab a new SIM for your new device from any One NZ store.

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