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One Business with Webex

Supercharge how your business collaborates.

One Business with Webex brings you everything your business needs
to transform every way you work with your team and customers.

Call, meet and message from anywhere with a flexible cloud solution for all businesses

Two florists looking at stock levels using an iPad, surrounded by plants.
Two florists looking at stock levels using an iPad, surrounded by plants.
Two florists looking at stock levels using an iPad, surrounded by plants.

Calls that never get missed

Use one number to light up all your team’s devices with incoming calls.

Efficiently direct calls with call flows, call queues, hunt groups, call waiting, merging, forwarding, do not disturb and visual voicemail.

All with AI that removes distracting background noise at both ends of the call.

Meetings that engage everyone

Make your hybrid meetings much more collaborative.

Use the AI Assistant to take notes, express feelings with Gesture Recognition, present immersively with content around you, and customise your view of meetings.

And run real time polls to make your content stick!

Messaging that’s all in one place

Easily organise all messages, contacts, files and content into one secure environment.

Get your people minimising meetings and actively engaging in an intelligent space personalised to them and their work styles.

Why choose Webex?

More connected
Work more productively when you’re out and about. Maintain seamless communication between teams and customers using voice, video and messaging.
More secure
More secure - your business could be safe, secure and compliant, thanks to National Security Agency - endorsed advanced security that’s built in, not bolted on, and featuring enterprise-level end-to-end encryption.
More flexible
Manage with frictionless admin through the intuitive portal, with responsive support, minimal upfront costs, and customisable packages per user that scale as business needs change.

Features your team will love

Noise reduction
Reduce distractions and interruptions with advance noise removal and speech enhancement.
AI assistant
Make your meetings more productive, with automated voice activated commands, note-taking and meeting highlights.
Gesture recognition
Raise your hand, clap, or give a thumbs up or down in front of your Desk series device to let others know you have a question or react, without interrupting the conversation.
Real time polling
Make your video conferences and online events instantly interactive with live polling, Q&A, and more.
Immersive presentations
Immersive share allows for more engaging presentations, where the audience doesn't have to choose whether to focus on the presenter or on the content.
Custom layouts
Decide who and what you want to focus on by customising your meeting view.

A plan to suit any business

One Business with Webex
One Business with Webex
One Business with Webex
One Business with Webex

Important things to know

  • One Business with Webex Mobile subscription is available on 1, 24 or 36-month terms.
  • One Business with Webex Softphone, Premium, and IP Phone subscriptions are available on a 24 or 36-month term or as otherwise agreed to by the parties.
  • Subscription profiles are priced per user per month and are exclusive GST. Charges may apply if changes are made to profile subscriptions.
  • All 24- and 36-month term plans are subject to standard early termination fees if you drop below 80% of the Initial Agreed Users.
  • Roaming calls and calls to special numbers, such as 018 or 0900 numbers, are not included in your pricing plan, for these calls standard calling rates will apply.
  • One New Zealand is not responsible for other carriers' connectivity or network performance.
  • Mobile data is required, and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure sufficient mobile data is available.
  • A current, enabled One New Zealand business mobile plan must be utilized when using the One Business with Webex Mobile profile.
  • Features may differ between devices and profiles.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have compatible access service and connectivity in place to support your deployment. This includes but is not limited to, physical connectivity, power, bandwidth, and internet access.
  • Telephony hardware such as Desk IP phone, DECT cordless IP phone, Conference IP phone, ATA, and device power supplies are available on request. Additional monthly fees apply.
  • Reception Console: If you purchase the Reception Console feature you must take the One Business with Webex Premium profile and an IP Desk Phone (Premium) for each Reception Console User.
  • Adequate structured network cabling (CAT5e or greater) is required for IP phones, including power, ethernet, or PoE.
  • When using desktop, laptop and/or IP phone One Business with Webex services consume data and require at least the below outlined synchronous bandwidth requirements. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their environment allows for these bandwidth requirements, it is capable of connecting to One Business with Webex, and any associated costs if a Third-Party Internet Access method is consumed.
    • (a) 100Kbps per Voice Call;
    • (b) From 2Mbps per Video Call;
    • (c) The number of concurrent calls is determined by the bandwidth available, except when using One Business with Webex Mobile.
  • For specific access requirements, refer to the ready guide for technical details.
  • For the latest One Business with Webex app requirements for PC, Apple iPhone & iPad; and Android devices, please visit
  • Cisco Webex retention policies will apply.
  • Assisted Installation for hardware is available. Charges apply (per site).
  • Onboarding and MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) may apply.
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply.
  • For full terms, see the Service Description.

The world's best trust Webex

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