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One NZ is New Zealand's second largest ISP, offering more broadband options than any other NZ ISP.

Internet Service Provider.

ISP stands for "Internet Service Provider", and you can also think of them as being a "broadband provider".
Put simply, an ISP is a company that connects you to the internet - the world wide web.

As an ISP, One NZ offers more options than any other New Zealand provider, covering everything from Fibre broadband and Cable broadband, through to ADSL, VDSL, and Wireless Broadband.
By offering Rural Wireless Broadband connections and Urban Wireless, One NZ is also a WISP or Wireless Internet Service Provider. Wireless Broadband is different, in that it uses our mobile network to connect you.

And we're fast. Take a look at our Fibre Max plans for speed and unlimited data.
Remember, you can get the most fundamental internet service from us, which is access to broadband.
Find out what broadband types are available at your house - and choose your internet plan here.

Today, the most common type of internet connection used in New Zealand is Fibre broadband.

How to switch ISP.

If you have been thinking about switching to One NZ, you can change your ISP, simply by following a step-by-step process.

There are some great reasons to choose One NZ for internet, and because of our company history, we have the expertise in broadband. You might have seen one of our amazing broadband deals - or signed up with another provider with a not-so-good deal.

It's best to start with a checklist, before you take any action with these steps. You'll need to know whether you are on a fixed term contract, and if there are any fees or penalties in changing away from your current ISP.

Once you have this information and are confident that you want to change ISP, you can take action.

The first step is to sign up to a One NZ broadband plan. Just like with changing your power company, you start by talking to the new provider first. We want you to have the best possible speed, so we'll recommend the best possible plan for your location.
That means we'll show you a Fibre plan if you are in a Fibre area, or we might recommend Wireless Broadband if you are in a DSL area.

You can talk to us about your needs, or you can simply choose a plan from our broadband plans page.
Once you have signed up to your new broadband provider, you'll want to know the start date for the new broadband plan.
Now you can contact your old ISP, and arrange for that service to be cancelled.

Switch to Fibre.

If you haven't made the switch to Fibre Broadband yet, check with us to see if Fibre is available on your street.
Either call us, or use our Broadband Address Check tool. If it's available, simply choose the broadband plan that suits you.
If you're with another provider, upgrading to Fibre broadband is a great way to switch to One NZ.

Domain names and hosting.

One NZ operated domain and hosting services until recently. These services were closed on 28th February 2019.

Broadband Assistant.

Broadband Assistant was a One NZ product that has now been retired. It is no longer available for download.


Webspace services were previously offered with fixed line broadband. This service was closed on 30th November, 2018.

Broadband Support.

We are here to support you with your internet connection. Right from the outset with installation with the supplied modem, through to troubleshooting, help with billing, and updates with any broadband outage.
Please contact us with any broadband issues.

Our timeline as an Internet Service Provider.

One NZ is now a complete communications service provider, which means we offer communications services over fixed line networks and over mobile networks, as well as offering information-related services.
We are also 100% locally owned.

We started simply as a mobile phone company, and have progressively acquired other telecommunications companies over time to evolve.

Acquiring ihug in 2006 was the first move in to broadband and becoming an ISP. Other broadband companies followed, as TelstraClear was acquired in 2012, and WorldxChange Communications was acquired in 2015.

And we have our eye on the future, using AI for efficiency, and partnering with SpaceX to provide coverage like never before.

ihug ISP acquired

Mobile and Broadband services came together, as Vodafone NZ bought local Internet Service Provider ihug.

Vodafone NZ strengthened its position in telecommunications, by acquiring ihug from iiNet in 2006, effectively combining the strengths of the two companies.

The commercial deal for Vodafone to buy ihug was announced in October 2006. The ihug name and brand is no longer in use, after being retired in 2008. Becoming a landline phone provider and an internet service provider transformed Vodafone NZ from simply a mobile phone company into being a complete Communications Service Provider.

Transforming the brand to become One NZ in 2023, our company now offers more types of internet connections than any other New Zealand provider. One NZ now provides internet services using ADSL, VDSL, Cable (DOCSIS), Wireless, and Fibre optic broadband.

TelstraClear acquired

Vodafone NZ completed its acquisition of TelstraClear on 31st October 2012.

Our company vision is for combined mobile leadership and strength in broadband, TV and enterprise solutions to create a bigger force in the New Zealand communications market. This will help us to innovate and grow to meet the changing needs of New Zealand’s businesses and consumers, whether that’s mobile services, broadband service, Pay TV, cloud based services or sophisticated ICT services.

Our company is proud of its track record of investing in New Zealand: since 1998, we’ve employed thousands of Kiwis and invested more than $4 billion to bring our customers the products and services that have transformed their work and home lives. Now, we’ll be investing even more to bring our customers exciting new services that build on our strengths in mobile, fixed line and fibre technologies all across New Zealand from the Far North to Southland.

Our focus is to continue to deliver a great experience to all our customers and we’ll keep you updated on the exciting new opportunities as we move forward. In the meantime, you don’t have to do a thing except get ready to enjoy a whole lot more ways we’ll be helping you do your thing better.

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