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Important updates to your mobile plan

We need to find you a new mobile plan

Recently we’ve told you about closing down your old TelstraClear mobile plan. Due to recent weather events and the National State of Emergency, we’ve extended the shutdown to 13 April 2023. This means we need to get you onto a new mobile plan before then.

Here are two great options for you

Prefer Pay Monthly?

Go for our Small Starter plan

  • Just$25/month (usually $40)
  • Unlimited calls and TXTs to standard NZ & Aus numbers*
  • 4GB data every month
  • See one.nz/smallstarter for more details

Rather go Prepay?

MyFlex is the one for you

  • From $13/month
  • 100 minutes and 100 TXTs*
  • 250MB data^
  • Option to choose the minutes, TXTs and data you get
  • See one.nz/myflex for more details

If you like either option...

Please visit us in store so one of our friendly team can help you get sorted onto a new SIM card before your old TelstraClear mobile plan shuts down

You can keep the same mobile phone number. There’ll only be a brief time when you can’t make or take calls(usually no more than 30 minutes), while we set up your new SIM.

What if we don’t hear from you before 13 April 2023?

Since the plan you’re on will no longer be available, we’ll disconnect your current mobile phone service on (or around) this date. This means you’ll lose your phone number and you’ll no longer be able to make or take calls from your mobile phone (except for those to 111).

We look forward to seeing you in one of our stores so we can help support you moving to a new mobile plan. Remember to bring your mobile phone and the letter/email or TXT we sent you.

Want one bill for broadband and mobile?

If you choose a Pay Monthly plan and you have broadband with us, bring your latest broadband invoice, some ID and the letter/email we sent you to the store.

We’ll combine both bills for you and check you’ve got our $10 Pay Monthly discount on your broadband. (This discount will remain in place as long as you’re on an eligible Pay Monthly mobile plan.)
*Minutes and TXTs allocation excludes premium and special numbers (i.e. short codes or MMS/PXT).
^Your MyFlex Prepay plan must stay active to carry over unused data up to 3.5GB and minutes up to 500 unused minutes. Prepay plans last 28 days.

Get Small Starter mobile plan

Special  Offer Just for you! Special  Offer Just for you!

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