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This article contains information about eSIMs.

What is an eSIM?

Dual SIM

Every SIM has its own phone number which in turn has its own mobile plan. And many phones offer dual SIM capability, meaning you could have two SIMs in one phone. Often, one will be an eSIM and the other will be a physical SIM. You can use both SIMs on one phone to make and receive calls and texts.

Switching Between SIMs

Most dual SIM phones are Dual SIM Dual Standby (or DSDS). If your phone supports DSDS, you can assign each SIM to voice, data and/or texts. To discover how to turn a SIM on or off, check your device's user guide.

Using Both SIMs

You can only use one network at a time. For instance, if you are on a call on one line, you can't get a call on the other SIM at the same time.

How to get an eSIM?

Prepay Plans

You can purchase a new prepaid connection on eSIM online. Also, if you are an existing One NZ prepaid customer you can walk into a OneNZ store and swap your physical SIM for an eSIM.

Tablet Plans

Tablet plans aren't available to purchase online. However, you can go into a One NZ store to purchase a plan and opt for an eSIM.

Bringing your phone from another telco

You can get a One NZ eSIM on any phone that supports eSIM. But we can't guarantee eSIM will be supported if your device is locked by a telco in another country. Come into a One NZ store and we'll help you out.

What to do with your physical SIM post eSIM activation

Once your eSIM has been activated, you can remove the physical SIM card, which can be reused in another phone. You'll need to have a new plan connected to the physical SIM as it can't share the plan with your eSIM.

You should know

Switching mobile networks

Your eSIM itself cannot be moved. But you can transfer your mobile number on an eSIM to a different mobile network through the porting process. You'll need to get a fresh QR code from your new mobile network and set up a new profile on your eSIM or new physical SIM.

If you have two mobile numbers, they don't both need to be on the same network.

Switching Devices

If you want to move your eSIM profile to another device, you can simply reuse a QR code that you have previously scanned.
  • Make sure you're connected to Wifi (not phone data)
  • Delete the eSIM profile from your current phone
  • Leave your current phone for a few minutes
  • Scan the QR code you already have onto the new phone.
You should then be able to add the eSIM to your new phone.


Check our Troubleshooting page for technicial support

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