Call your BestMates from your Home phone

BestMates for home phone

With BestMates for home phone you can nominate up to five friends or family members, with an NZ mobile or NZ landline, then call them as many times as you like
BestMates for home phone is included for $6 on eligible home phone and broadband packs. Just remember to nominate your five favourite phone numbers.

  • Each call can last for up to 2 hours
  • Calls over 2 hours are charged at 26c per minute for NZ landlines and 39c per minute for NZ mobiles
  • All other calls will be charged at standard per minute rates
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How do I get BestMates for home phone?

Already with One NZ?

To get BestMates for home phone you need to be on an eligible One NZ home phone and broadband pack.

If you're on an eligible home phone and broadband pack:
Sign in to My One NZ and choose 'Add or change BestMates for home phone' from the left hand menu and follow the steps.

If you're on one of our other plans:
Change to a plan that is eligible for BestMates for home phone by calling us on 0800 777 035. You can also change plans in My One NZ.

Not yet signed up? Register for My One NZ

Please note: If you change your plan in My One NZ the plan change-over will happen at the end of the month.

BestMates is a trademark of One New Zealand Group Limited.

New to One NZ?

To get BestMates for home phone sign up to an eligible home phone and broadband pack.

When you sign up, simply nominate your favourite numbers –you can even give them a nickname. When your One NZ services are active you can call your favourite numbers as much as you like (up to 2 hours each call).

Important things to know

Important things to know

  • BestMates® for home phone lets you nominate 5 numbers to call as much as you like (up to 2 hours each call) from your One NZ home phone. You can add numbers or change your nominated numbers at any time after signup
  • Calls over 2 hours will be charged at 26c per minute for NZ landlines or 39c per minute for NZ mobiles
  • Your nominated numbers can be any NZ landline or NZ mobile number. International phone numbers, special numbers (such as a 0900 or 0800 number) or shortcodes are excluded
  • If you want to change your nominated numbers, you can do this at any time, although you can only change each nominated number once per month
  • You can give each of your nominated numbers a unique label description or nickname (eg. Mum, Friend, Sister, Boyfriend) so that you can easily identify each number belongs to. You can add, edit or remove a nickname label as often as you like
  • Get BestMates for home phone for an additional $6 per month. Included in the Unlimited Broadband data and home phone plan for $0
  • When you purchase BestMates® for home phone as a chargeable Add-On you must nominate at least one number at the time of signup
  • If you have existing active Talk 0 numbers on your account and add BestMates® for home phone you will be asked if you would like to transfer those numbers to the BestMates® for home phone add-on. We'll automatically close your Talk 0 plan for you if you choose to transfer the number to BestMates® for home phone. If you decide to keep your Talk 0 plans these will be charged at $6 per Talk 0 plan per monthBestMates® for home phone is not available with any of our other residential home phone & broadband Packs, with our business fixed line plans or as an add-on to our home phone only service or home phone wireless service.

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