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Office Net Fibre Unlimited offers an unlimited fibre and calling bundle at our best ever price for small businesses. Available to businesses with a maximum of 2 phone lines (second line is $20 p/m).

All prices exclude GST. Terms apply. Fibre not available in all areas.

Get Office Net Fibre Unlimited


With lightning-quick speeds and exceptional reliability, Fibre lets you work more quickly and efficiently – ensuring that your business is always ready for any opportunity.
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When you're running a business you need broadband that can handle the big stuff, and you need a connection that simply keeps working. Compared to VDSL, Fibre allows you to download large files and emails faster, watch videos with less buffering, and access your cloud-based services and accounting software even faster.

Fibre also delivers a more consistent experience, regardless of the weather, or where your business is located. Fibre helps your business stay agile and keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Why choose Fibre?

Quickly respond to changes in the market and stay ahead of the curve with Fibre
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With much faster speeds than standard copper lines, fibre for business remains fast and reliable, regardless of the time of the day.
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From high quality video calls to accessing cloud-based services, fibre makes work simple, allowing you to do more in a shorter space of time.
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Our NZ-based technical help desk are available 24/7 and have 20 years of experience in fibre, backed by global best practice.
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Future proof

Stay ahead of the game and future-proof your business. Fibre helps boost your productivity and keeps you agile against the competition.

*One NZ Fibre not available everywhere.

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