Introducing SmartWifi wit all new levels of control. Explore SmartWifi Introducing SmartWifi for Business, with all new levels of control.

What is SmartWifi?

Our unlimited broadband plans come with a SmartWifi modem, giving you greater control over your network.

SmartWifi means you can prioritise your team’s devices, connect customers to guest Wifi, set time limits and restrict access to certain sites. Simple to set up and manage from your smart phone.

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Why choose SmartWifi?

Here’s why all-new SmartWifi is right for you.
Device prioritisation
If payments are the priority, make sure your Wifi knows that. Important conference call? Focus your Wifi for the duration.
Guest Wifi
Connect customers visiting your site with a separate guest Wifi network - helping to keep your data safe.
Security controls
Help to keep your business safe with security scans, content filters and the ability to block websites.

Remote access
Control your Wifi remotely from
a single app, with the ability to
provide other users control
Add SuperWifi for wall-to-wall coverage. Add-on SuperWifi from just $4 (ex. GST) a month, to get the full power of Wifi 6 mesh technology to every corner of your business premises. So you can keep doing what you need to, without interruption. Add SuperWifi for wall-to-wall coverage. From just $4 (ex. GST) a month, to get the full power of WiFi-6 mesh to every corner of your premises.
Map of a house showing wall-to-wall coverage with SuperWifi

How SuperWifi works

Using the latest WiFi-6 mesh technology, SuperWifi units work together to form a single, unified network.

Your devices will connect to the fastest unit as you move through your site, ensuring a seamless connected experience.

If one unit is experiencing an issue, the mesh system will automatically reroute data through the other units to ensure you stay online.

SmartWifi is a game-changer for businesses operating across big sites, especially those that are prone to weak signals and WiFi dead spots.

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Frequently asked questions

How many SuperWifi units can I add-on to my plan?

You can add up to five SuperWifi units to your Business Wireless or Business Fibre plan.

Can I run a phone line through SmartWifi?

You can add one phone line to your Business Wireless or Business Fibre plan, which will run over your SmartWifi network. If you have additional calling needs, we have a range of business solutions like One Business with Webex that might be suitable. Contact our team on 0800 888 305 for help building a connectivity package tailored to your needs.

Why do I need a guest Wifi network?

Connecting external visitors on a separate Wifi network helps to keep your business safe and secure, as they can’t accidentally introduce malware or access devices running on your core network.

How do I set-up SmartWifi controls?

Once your Business Wireless or Business Fibre is up and running, simply download the TP-Link Deco app and follow the in-app prompts to set up SmartWifi controls on your Deco modem. If you need help setting up your modem, please contact our support team on 0800 400 888.

How do I set-up my SuperWifi mesh network?

Plug your SuperWifi unit into power. Once the light on the side is flashing blue, open your TP-Link Deco app and tap + the icon in the top right corner of the home screen, select add a Deco unit, choose the X50 device type, and then follow the in-app prompts. You can only set up one unit at a time, so follow the steps above for each SuperWifi unit you are setting up.

Can I get SmartWifi and/or SuperWifi on my current broadband plan?

SmartWifi is only available on our in-market plans, which launched in September 2023, as the controls are built into the Deco modems that come included with Business Wireless and Business Fibre. SuperWifi is only available as an add-on to these SmartWifi compatible plans.

What if my business premises isn’t in an area where Business Wireless or Business Fibre is available?

Please contact our team on 0800 888 305 to chat about alternative connectivity options.

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