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An easier way to buy

Buying a mobile phone on interest free is a great way to make payments more manageable.

Once you’re on a Pay Monthly mobile plan with us, just pick the phone you’d like, pay an upfront deposit ($99 for phones valued $149 and above), and then pick the term that suits you best (12, 24 or 36 months).

The rest of the phone amount will be spread out as a flat monthly cost which you pay on one bill with your Pay Monthly mobile plan each month.

There are no hidden or extra costs, just an easy way to manage paying for your new phone.

Even better? We've got great deals when you grab a phone on a 24 or 36 month term. Check them out here!
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Interest Free terms: Total monthly cost is phone cost, plus plan cost, plus an initial $49 or $99 deposit amount. Balance of phone cost must be repaid if you exit, transfer or trade down your plan before your Interest Free Term expires. Credit criteria and terms apply, see Interest Free terms and Mobile terms.

Available for selected mobile phones on eligible Open Term plans only. Terms and conditions apply.

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Frequently asked questions

What mobile plans are eligible to buy a mobile phone on interest free?

All of our in-market Pay Monthly plans are eligible to buy a mobile phone on interest free.
For phone deals on interest free, there might be certain plans that are excluded which you can check with each specific deal.

What’s the difference in buying over 12, 24 or 36 month terms?

The longer the interest free term, then the lower the monthly Interest Free Payment (IFP) cost.
This is important if you are looking for ways to save on a phone plan.
And it may be more affordable to choose a longer interest free term.

Do you have any other fees?

After paying the upfront deposit amount there are no more additional administration/annual fees, as long you continue to make your monthly payments on time.
Standard late account payment fees would still apply if you miss a monthly payment. For more information, you can read our late payment fee policy here.

If you bought your mobile phone on the $1 a month promotion and you downtrade or transfer to an ineligible plan, you will incur a plan change fee.

Which payment term is right for me?

It depends on what best suits your needs and budget. Some people like to pay off their phone as quickly as possible and opt for a 12 month term while others like to have lower monthly payments and choose a 36 month term.

For example, a mobile phone with an $799 RRP and $99 upfront deposit would have the following monthly costs:

Interest free termMonthly Interest Free Payment (IFP)
12 months$19.44
24 months$29.17
48 months$58.33

How do I pay for my new phone on interest free?

The monthly payment is added to your monthly mobile bill and can be viewed any time in your My One NZ app.
To download the app, search My One NZ app in the Google Play store for Android or in the App store for iOS.

What happens if I cancel my mobile plan or want to end my Interest Free Payment (IFP) early?

In both scenarios, you’ll need to pay back the remaining balance of your mobile phone. The amount required to be paid back would exclude any interest free discount that you would have otherwise been entitled to if you remained for the full interest free term.

If you leave One NZ or move to One NZ Prepay, you will also have to pay any other remaining charges owing on your account.

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