Phone fixes and repairs

Let's get your phone up and running again.

All of our One NZ retail stores can assist if you need a phone repair, or if you have bought a faulty phone.
Even better, we can give you the option of a loan phone while your phone is being fixed.
You can also send your phone away to be repaired with a call to 09 920 0957 and one of our team will assist you.

Try fixing your phone yourself

If your mobile phone turns on, you might be able to avoid a trip to the store.

If your mobile has no physical or liquid damage:

Restart your mobile phone.
Don’t know how to restart your mobile phone? Learn how to do it using our online device guides.

Try another SIM card in your mobile phone.
If another SIM card works in your phone, it might not need to be repaired. Give us a call and our Customer Care team will help to check some of the phone settings.

Check our online device guides for a solution.
Our online device guides show you how to troubleshoot basic issues for a range of mobile devices.

If your mobile has liquid damage:

Remove the battery and SIM card.
Remove any covers meant to come off along with the SIM and battery.
Please note: Do not try to remove any screws, pry open anything that looks sealed or examine any other parts of the phone as this will void your warranty.

Place your mobile somewhere warm.
You should allow the phone to dry naturally by placing it in the sun, near a heater or even in your hot water heater closet.
woman in green shirt showing man in black shirt a phone device attached to the wall
woman in green shirt showing man in black shirt a phone device attached to the wall
woman in green shirt showing man in black shirt a phone device attached to the wall

Visit your nearest store

Depending on when you bought your phone, it might be repaired or be replaced there.

Follow our easy pre-visit checklist.

Before you go into the store, please follow these handy steps.
  1. Copy all of your contacts and photos to your computer or onto another mobile phone.
  2. Remove the password or PIN to unlock your phone.
  3. If you're using an iPhone, sign out of iCloud and disable Find My iPhone.
  4. If you're using an Android phone, sign out of all Google accounts.
  5. Take the faulty mobile phone with you, along with its original box, accessories and phone charger.

Worried about the repair costs?

We've got you covered
24 month warranty

If a fault occurs due to a manufacturing defect within 24 months, you can take it into a store and have it sent off to be repaired.
Out-of-Box failure guarantee

If there are issues with your device within the first 28 days after purchase, you can take it back to the store and request a replacement.

We also comply with our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Important things to know

Our repair process complies with applicable laws, such as the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA).
The CGA gives you the benefit of guarantees and specific remedies.
The guarantees include that products and services:

  • Are free from minor defects.
  • Are fit for purpose.
  • Work for a reasonable period.
  • Have facilities for repair.

Non-Warranty repairs.

The following damages are not covered by your warranty:

  • Impact damage - the phone has been dropped and damaged.
  • Liquid or moisture damage - the electronics have been exposed to excess levels of moisture (a possible exception to this is IP rated devices which have their own terms and conditions).

Frequently asked questions

Is it best to courier my phone?

If you're just sending one handset and the battery looks like it's in good condition, you can simply use a standard courier bag.

Just remember to make sure the device is switched off, wrap it in strong, rigid packaging and keep it to once device per bag. You can then drop the courier bag at your local Post Shop or call the courier to pick it up.
Remember to get proof of postage (e.g. track & trace).

What if I have a damaged battery?

If you're returning a battery, a powerpack, or your device's battery is damaged or exposed, please give us a call or drop into a One NZ store.
We'll give you the right instructions for this scenario.

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