Important changes to your broadband plan

Here's what you need to know

At One New Zealand, we remain focused on keeping you connected, continuously improving our service, and offering you great value. While we try to provide competitive prices, sometimes, when third-party companies put their network charges up, increases are unavoidable.

From 16th November 2023, the price of your broadband plan(s) will increase by $6 (excl. GST) a month. The good news is this price increase will not affect any current discount you have, if you stay on this plan.

The change applies to the following Business broadband plans:

Business Broadband ADSL UnlimitedBusiness Broadband VDSL 200GB
Business Broadband VDSL Unlimited

Business 100 Fibre 200GB

Business 100 Fibre Unlimited

Business Fibre 200GB

Business Max Fibre Unlimited

Business Fibre Unlimited

Office Net Fibre Unlimited

Office Net Max Broadband

Office Net Unlimited Broadband

Office Net Unlimited+ Broadband

Note: This price increase does not apply to Wireless Broadband plans. The above charges apply to the stated broadband plans on all the accounts you hold with One New Zealand.

Frequently asked questions

Do we need to do anything?

There's nothing you need to do if you're happy to stick with your existing plan. Your new monthly price will take effect automatically in your next billing cycle starting from 16th November 2023. If you'd like to switch to a different plan, contact your dedicated Account Manager or call us on 0800 888 305.

Can we stay on our current plan?

Yes, definitely. If you're happy to stay on your existing plan, your new monthly price will take effect automatically in your next billing cycle starting from 16th November 2023, and any current discounts will remain in place.

If we change plans, what happens to our discount?

You will lose any current discounts if you switch to a different plan.

Can we avoid the price increase by changing plans?

We have a range of broadband plans available, which might suit your needs better. To learn more about your options click here.

If we're on a fixed-term contract, does this mean that the price increase won’t apply to us?

The price increase applies to all customers on the plans listed above, including those with a fixed-term contract.

If we're unhappy with the price change, can we end our fixed-term contract early?

Please contact your Account Manager or contact us on 0800 888 305 to discuss your options.

What are our broadband charges made up of?

Your monthly broadband plan price is made up of three things – One NZ costs, third-party costs, and GST. For a comprehensive breakdown of broadband charges, visit

When will we see a change on bill?

Your new monthly price will take effect automatically in your next billing cycle starting from 16th November 2023, and you will see the change on the first bill you receive after this date. For example, if you receive your invoices on the 8th of the month, this is when the new price takes effect on your account.

Do we need to change our automatic payment or direct debit?

You don't need to do anything if you pay via direct debit. If you pay via automatic payment, you will need to update the fixed amount once your new price takes effect.

Terms & Conditions

Broadband plan price change: All prices exclude GST and are subject to change. You cannot transfer your discount to another plan. Discount may be amended or withdrawn by One New Zealand at any time. One NZ Business terms and Fair Use Policy applies, see for the terms.

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