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The One Business (formerly known as Vodafone One Business) Cloud PBX and collaboration platform is closing down on 31st March 2024. Cisco has replaced this technology with Webex which means we need to move your business to the new Webex platform way before then.

What is One Business with Webex?

One Business with Webex brings you everything your business needs to transform every way you work with your team and customers. It allows people to work from anywhere and over any “connected device”, it is a single tool, for desktop and mobile platforms, enabling seamless communication and making it simple to share information.
Two florists looking at stock levels using an iPad, surrounded by plants.
Two florists looking at stock levels using an iPad, surrounded by plants.
Two florists looking at stock levels using an iPad, surrounded by plants.

Calls that never get missed

Use one number to light up all your team’s devices with incoming calls.

Efficiently direct calls with call flows, call queues, hunt groups, call waiting, merging, forwarding, do not disturb and visual voicemail.

All with AI that removes distracting background noise at both ends of the call.

Meetings that engage everyone

Make your hybrid meetings much more collaborative.

Use the AI Assistant to take notes, express feelings with Gesture Recognition, present immersively with content around you, and customise your view of meetings.

And run real time polls to make your content stick!

Messaging that’s all in one place

Easily organise all messages, contacts, files and content into one secure environment.

Get your people minimising meetings and actively engaging in an intelligent space personalised to them and their work styles.

Want to talk to someone?

If you’d like to chat to one of our team about this change, call us on 0800 493 239, 8.30am to 5pm, weekdays

or email

Or to save you time, we’ve put together a list of FAQs below

Call 0800 493 239

Frequently asked questions

What is One Business with Webex?

One Business with Webex is One New Zealand’s premium Unified Communications solution. Allowing people to work from anywhere and over any “connected device”, it is a single tool, for desktop and mobile platforms, enabling seamless communication and making it simple to share information.

Can we choose not to move to Webex?

Sorry, there’s no option to opt out of this move. If you want to chat to someone more about this move, please get in touch with the One Business to Webex support team on 0800 493 239, 8.30am to 5pm, weekdays.

Who in my team will need to move to One Business with Webex?

The Webex app is replacing the current One Business Cloud PBX and collaboration platform. Team members who currently use (and/or are assigned) One Business Unified or One Business Mobile profiles, will need to move to the new app. This change does not impact One Business Basic users. Here are the Webex download instructions.

Is there anywhere I can check and confirm who in my team is migrating and what their username details are?

Yes. As the administrator, log into your admin portal (, where you will be able to confirm who is moving and their usernames.

1. Go to

2. Log in using your admin login details (not your Webex login details)

3. Hover over “services” and select one of your sites

4. All usernames are outlined under the username column


What are the minimum requirements supported on Window/Mac, Android or iOS, to operate the Webex app?

  • Windows 10 and later. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date
  • Intel Dual-Core CPU 2.XX GHz or AMD processor (4GB or RAM minimum recommended)

  • MacOS 10.13 and later
  • M1 chip or Intel CPU-based (4GB of RAM minimum recommended)

iPhone and iPad
  • iOS 15.5 and later – iPhone 7 or later
  • iPadOS 15.5 and later – iPad Pro and Later, iPad mini (5th generation) and later, iPad Air (3rd generation) and later

Android smartphones and tablets
  • Android 10 or later (3GB of RAM required)
  • Samsung – Galaxy S9 or later, Galaxy Note 9 or later, Galaxy A service 2018 or later, Galaxy Xcover 4s or later, Galaxy Tab S4 or later, Galaxy Tab A 2018 or later

For other device manufacturers please refer to the technical specifications available via your manufacturers websites, or refer to your software information located within your device settings (Settings > About Phone < Software Information).

Full list of system requirements for Webex

Which version of of Webex should I download onto my PC, 32-bit of 64-bit?

The version you should install is determined by the version of Windows you have on your PC. The quickest way of confirming this is by checking the operating system variant within your windows settings.

  • All Windows 11 installations are 64-bit

  • For Windows 10, 8 , 7:
    • Press “Windows+X” on your keyboard (or right-click on the start menu)
    • Select “System”
    • System type will indicate the operating system bit variant your device supports

Does my team need to install and start using the Webex app now?

Once we get in contact with you to tell you Webex is now ready for you to use, we recommend that you/your team install and start using One Business with Webex straight away. Here are the Webex download instructions.

The current One Business app will be decommissioned on 31st March 2024 as it has been superseded by One Business with Webex.

What if we don’t start using Webex at the same time?

Having your team split over One Business and One Business with Webex does not impact calling, however it does create issues for user features such as call transfer and system presence (online, busy, etc.). Therefore, the quicker your team moves, the better your overall experience will be.

How disruptive is the move to One Business with Webex?

Minimal. As it’s effectively just the installation of a new app onto your devices, impact to normal business operations is effectively zero. Phone services will seamlessly switch as soon as a user logs into the One Business with Webex app.

Do not attempt to install and log into the Webex app whilst also on a call on the same device as there’s is a chance that it might drop your call. So please end your call before beginning the move.

What happens to any team member that doesn’t install and start using the Webex app after 31st March 2024?

Once the One Business Cloud PBX and collaboration is closed, that team member will no longer be able to log into the app, will receive error messages and not be able to use any of the functions. Here are the Webex download instructions.

What will change when we move to One Business with Webex?

Aside from the introduction of the new Webex application, and the improved user experience, nothing.

All your existing service and user settings, call flow and configurations are not impacted by this change.

We have existing IP phones and hardware that we use on One Business. What will happen with these?

Your One Business IP phones are not impacted by the move to One Business with Webex, and you will be able to continue to use them as you do now.

Any existing hardware such as loudspeakers, headsets, etc will also work. If you wish to upgrade any user headsets, get in contact with your account manager for recommendations.

We will shortly be re-aligning the service name of these IP Phones and their licences to Webex. This is purely a naming update which will appear on your bills and does not have any operational or costing impacts.

We have other systems that we would like to integrate with One Business with Webex. Is this possible?

Yes. One Business with Webex provides a wide range of integration possibilities. You can easily select Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar integration directly through the app. Additionally, further integration with Microsoft 365 or Google is available, through the service request process.

Webex also supports an extensive hub marketplace, where third-party apps can connect with Webex via API. Webex app hub can be visited at:

*The Webex App hub operates as a direct collaboration between Cisco Webex and your software vendor, with no involvement from One New Zealand. It is recommended that you engage with your software vendor or IT before proceeding.

Will my existing service contract term change?

No. Your existing service contract is not impacted, nor are your pricing or service terms.

Will my service costs change?

No. All existing service charges will remain the same as per your current service agreement.

Will anything on my bill change?

Yes. Within your Unified Communications group, user licences will change from:

  • “One Business Mobile” >> “Webex Migration One Business Mobile – QS”
  • “One Business Unified” >> “Webex Migration One Business Unified – QS”

Pricing will reflect your old One Business profiles and will remain the same.

If you have “One Business Basic” and “IP Phones” on your account, these will also be renamed in the near future.

What will happen to any contacts stored “locally” on the One Business application?

If you have manually added contacts directly into the One Business app, you will be unable to move these contacts to One Business with Webex directly. There are two easy solutions to address this:

  • Your email client (Outlook or Google) – Copying your contacts to your email client is the preferred method and means of contact storage. Webex can then automatically search for your contact directly through the in-app search function


  • The alternate method is to manually create contacts directly into Webex

Once One Business with Webex has been installed and logged in, you will still be able to log into and out of the old One Business app as an archive until it is decommissioned on 31st March 2024.

*Do not stay logged into the old One Business app though as it will impact Webex from being able to call out.

We currently use the One Business app chat service. Will the chat messages move over to the Webex app?

Unfortunately, no. Webex is a totally different app and the One Business chat messages cannot be transferred across. You will need to review and save any important chats.

Once One Business with Webex has been installed and logged in, you will still be able to access any old chat messages stored on the One Business app as an archive until it is decommissioned on 31st March 2024.

Once we have downloaded One Business with Webex, and retrieved any locally stored contacts from the One Business app, can we delete it?

Yes. Once you have moved over to One Business with Webex, there will be no need to also maintain the old service. You can safely uninstall the One Business app.

What will happen to any saved voicemails?

Voicemail is not impacted. Once you install and log into One Business with Webex, all stored voicemails will appear within visual voicemail feature.

What will happen to my call history?

Nothing is lost. All Call history will automatically be moved over to One Business with Webex.

Can the Webex app be installed across multiple devices?

Yes. Each One Business with Webex user has the capability to install the app on multiple devices. will be able to install the application on multiple devices. Please note, calling functionality is determined by the user profile type. For example, One Business with Webex mobile users will only be able to make and receive calls over their mobile device.


If you attempt to log into multiple PC/Mac with the same user credentials, the initial device will be logged out of its calling. You will see the above pop-up. Signing in will remove calling from the second device, back onto the initial one.

What happens if I install the Webex app on my work PC and then install it on my PC at home?

Webex recognises different device types. You can install the app onto multiple PC's however only one should be logged in at a time.

I am interested to get to know more about One Business with Webex and its capabilities. Where can I get more information?

Certainly! We offer an ever-expanding library of guides, feature sets, and valuable information to support you. For more resources, please visit Alternatively, you can also contact your account manager for further assistance.

We use the One Business Reception Console. Will this work with Webex?

The One Business Reception Console will work with limited functionality with Webex. Instant Message and Presence is however lost, meaning the console user will not be able to see if a person is on or off a call. However, when paired with the Webex app, presence is available on Webex to counter for this loss.

Call Recording on Webex. What will work and not work?

Call recording is operational when an inbound or outbound PSTN or mobile call establishes a connection with your designated number.

Additionally, Webex offers the functionality of initiating calls between Webex users. It's important to note that this specific call type remains independent of PSTN or mobile networks and consequently, does not support call recording.

Does Call Recording work whilst roaming?

Call recording does work when roaming, however, to guarantee seamless performance, it is advisable to utilise the desktop app for making and receiving calls.

Call recording on mobile whilst roaming hinges on the cooperation of the mobile carrier in the respective country handing the call back to us when it is placed/received, which then initiates call recording.

While our agreements encompass most countries, not all mobile carriers support or acknowledge handing back. As such we are unable to guarantee that call recording will consistently function while roaming on the mobile platform.

Customer support - if we have any specific questions, how we contact you?

We have a dedicated support team on standby to assist you with any questions you may have. Our only request is that communication is made via the account administrator. We are confident however that you will find this experience trouble-free and positive.

You can contact the One Business to Webex support team on 0800 493 239 (0800 4 WEBEX) during business hours or email with “One Business with Webex move query” in the subject line.

For any questions outside the move please use your existing channels or visit our help centre, accessed directly through your Webex app under “Help”.

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