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Managed WAN Services

Intelligently connects your multi-site business

Wide Area Networking

Work together as if everyone in your business were in the same office

Today’s businesses use more data than ever to respond to greater customer demand; staff need to work online and in the cloud to access information quickly. If your business is spread over multiple locations, slow network speeds can hamper your team's work — unless they are working over an intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN).
IP-VPN links the local area networks in each of your offices to create a single secure, intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN) for your whole company. Your team gets the same fast access to company information, no matter which site they’re at.

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IP-VPN benefits

Stay connected
Give your business access to the same information between your offices - here or across the globe.
Online reporting
With Managed Network Services you will get access to a dashboard, so you can monitor and manage your network in near real-time.
Smooth implementation
We have certified, expert project management teams to get you set up as seamlessly as possible.
4G flexibility within NZ
Connect a new NZ location to your private network over One NZ's 4G network – perfect if you’re adding new or temporary sites.
Stay up and running
Keep your business operating uninterrupted with 4G failover. With One NZ IP-VPN you have the option to get high speed seamless backup to make sure your offices are connected.
Dynamic Class of Service (D CoS)
Lets you prioritise up to six classes of service that are important to your business, so you don’t have to worry about bottlenecks.

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