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Feature List - One Business

The different features that come with One Business.
Personal User FeatureDescription
Anonymous Call RejectionAllows a user to reject callers who don’t display their caller ID.
Basic Call LogsSee your most recent placed, taken and missed calls.
Busy Lamp Field^Monitor the phone status of a user.
Call Forwarding^Forward calls according to set criteria (all the time, when you’re busy, when you don’t answer, when you are unreachable^) or when pre-defined (selective call forward^) criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.
Call Pull~Enables a user to toggle between their devices during a call, e.g. from their IP desk phone to their mobile.
Call Return^~Return the call from the last person that called you (not available if that person has restricted their caller ID).
Call TransferTransfer an existing call to another phone number, including from your mobile device.
Call WaitingHear a tone when you are on the phone and have an incoming phone call.
Calling Line ID Delivery BlockingPrevent your phone number from being displayed when calling other numbers (per call).
Calling Name DeliveryAllow your user name to be displayed when calling internal One Business users.
Call NotifyAllows a user to receive e-mail notifications about selected incoming calls based on the specified selective criteria.
Calling Number DeliveryAllow your phone number to be displayed when calling other numbers permanently.
Directed Call Pickup^Pick up a phone call that is ringing on another persons phone (in group).
Diversion Inhibitor^~Inhibit the remote party’s redirecting services, e.g. enable transferred calls to not be redirected.
Do Not Disturb^Automatically forward all your calls to your voice messaging service.
External Calling Line ID DeliveryProvides Calling Line ID information of an external caller.
Extension DiallingEnables user to call another user in their company on a pre-defined extension number.
Flexible Seating*^Flexible Seating allows users to use a host phone and have the host phone provisioned with the guest’s device profile settings.
Geographic NumberSet your users up with a geographic number for inbound and outbound calls.
Hoteling*^Allows a user to log in with their credentials and use another phone.
Last Number Redial^Call back the last person that you called.
Priority Alert^~Plays a different ring tone when a pre-defined phone number calls you (IP desk phone only).
Privacy^~Prevent your contact details from being displayed in your global directory.
Selective Call RejectionBlock specific numbers from calling you.
Simultaneous Ring Personal^~Enable multiple devices to ring when your phone number is called.
Three-Way Call^The Three-Way Call feature allows you to connect another participant to an existing call.
Virtual Business ExtensionsGive an external person a phone number and extension within your organisation’s numbering plan.
VoicemailSingle voicemail across all your devices, with the option to receive voicemail via email.
Team (admin) featuresDescription
Auto AttendantCalls are answered by an automated receptionist who provides a personalised greeting and menu options, e.g. ‘Press 1 for sales’.
Call Park and PickupEnables a user to hold a call and to then retrieve it from a different phone.
Hunt GroupHunt Group allows you to distribute an incoming call around a group of defined users in a sequence of your choice.
Main Company NumberAllow users to display a group or business number as their caller ID on outbound calls.
Music On Hold*Play audio (music) when the remote party is held or parked.
Outgoing Calling Plan (Toll Bar)Administrator can restrict the ability to make outbound calls to international destinations.

Collaboration featuresDescription
Audio ConferenceInvite up to 14 participants to join an audio conference.
Instant Messaging^~Real time written conversation with your colleagues across all your devices (excludes IP desk and DECT phones).
File Transfer*^~Instantly transfer files with your colleagues through chat across your personal computer.
Presence^~Displays your status to colleagues across all devices, e,g. ‘busy’.
Screen Share*^~Share your screen with multiple participants in real time so everyone has the same view.
Video Conference*^~Invite up to 14 internal or external participants.

* Not available on Mobile.

^ Not available on IP DECT.

~ Not available on Basic profile.

To access the collaboration features on mobile you must take at least one One Business Unified profile.

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