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Bring your own device

A safe way to let your employees work using their own devices.

More and more, businesses are saying "yes" to employees who ask to use their own smartphones and tablets for work. One NZ's BYOD solution makes this practice simple and safe.

It works on most devices and enables you to implement a solution quickly and securely. You're able to self-manage users and remotely install software to employees' devices so that business and personal data is securely separated.

What’s more, business data is stored in a secure encrypted location on the user’s smartphone or tablet, which means it can be remotely deleted if the device is lost or stolen. Only your approved business applications can access business data.

Business benefits

  • Reduces expenditure on mobile devices
  • Increases collaboration and productivity with information on the move
  • Keeps business data separate from personal data
  • Business data can be deleted remotely if necessary
  • Create workflows among trusted apps
  • Securely encrypts and protects business data
  • Simplifies security enforcement - users can't inadvertently break security policy


  • Secure email, calendar, contacts, browser and file storage
  • Encrypts data on the device, as well as over wireless and mobile
  • Authenticates with strong password enforcement
  • Compromised devices can be detected and shut down
  • Prevent data loss by restricting cut, copy, paste between apps
  • Distribute apps through a secure corporate app store

Get going with BYOD

Are you ready to let your staff bring their own devices onto your network? Talk to your account manager today or call us on the number below.

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