Screen South and One NZ transform patient communication with Cornerstone CX


Screen South Ltd (SSL) operates as the administrator for BreastScreen Aotearoa in the South Island, striving to provide essential breast screening services to the community.

With a positive client experience being paramount, SSL recognised the need to improve the operation efficiency of their existing PBX system. SSL sought an experienced partner who could assist with modernisation of their communication infrastructure and enhance the client pathways. Having recently completed a similar migration for RHCNZ, One NZ was the natural choice for this transformation.

Identifying Challenges

SSL's legacy PBX system highlighted some areas for improvement to client management and operational excellence. Remote working capabilities were unavailable, limiting the ability to provide flexible working arrangements for staff. Voicemail systems resulted in occasional delayed responses to client enquiries and appointment cancellations, impacting the ability of staff to re-book cancelled appointments during the business day. SSL recognised the need for improved capacity, timely banner deployment and real time reporting as drivers for change.

Innovative Solutions

One NZ collaborated closely with SSL to develop a tailored solution leveraging Amazon Connect contact centre technology and their Cornerstone CX functional overlay. The implementation of callback functionality revolutionised client interactions by eliminating wait times and ensuring timely responses to appointment changes. Real-time reporting capabilities empowered SSL staff with immediate visibility into call queues, enabling efficient prioritisation of client interactions. Strategic routing models and priority queues minimised appointment cancellations and optimised operational efficiency. Additionally, event or information banner messages were streamlined using text-to-speech technology, offering greater flexibility in scheduling and targeting client engagements. The integration of call recording and sentiment analysis tools facilitated continuous improvement in client interactions.

Customer Experience

The impact of One NZ's solution on SSL's client pathways was profound, with clients expressing satisfaction with the elimination of wait times and the clarity of communication. The superior call quality delivered by Amazon Connect enhanced client engagements and improved overall satisfaction. Louise McCarthy, General Manager of Screen South, praised the expertise and support provided by the One NZ team throughout the transition, highlighting the positive change in client outcomes: “One NZ worked with us to really understand our specific business needs. Excellent project management and training meant that migration to the new system was smooth and call centre staff felt well supported throughout the change. From both a business and customer service perspective the new solution has exceeded our expectations”.


Through its partnership with One NZ and the adoption of innovative technology solutions, Screen South Ltd successfully transformed its client pathways and operational efficiency. By addressing longstanding challenges with its legacy PBX system, SSL was able to deliver enhanced client experiences and optimise organisational performance. As SSL continues its vital work in providing breast screening services, the collaboration with One NZ serves as a testament to the value of strategic partnerships in driving positive change and improving community health outcomes.

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