Innovating for Impact: Fisher Funds Evolution in Customer Experience


Fisher Funds, a leading investment management firm in New Zealand, has always prioritised delivering exceptional client service and experiences. Recently, the company embarked on a strategic initiative aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing its client service capabilities. This case study delves into Fisher Funds' journey toward consolidating its client contact platforms and leveraging innovative solutions to elevate client experience.

Background and Platform Consolidation:

Fisher Funds' acquisition of KiwiWealth, in December 2022 presented a challenge of managing two separate platforms, leading to inconsistencies in client experience and increased complexity. To address this, Fisher Funds decided to migrate KiwiWealth's workloads to its existing Amazon Connect instance. This consolidation not only reduced complexity but also ensured a consistent client experience across both brands. With the support of One NZ's expertise, Fisher Funds seamlessly integrated KiwiWealth's operations into its existing infrastructure.

Enhanced Reporting, Compliance, and Customer Service:

The consolidation of platforms enabled Fisher Funds to gain real-time reporting visibility across teams, thanks to One NZ wallboards and Amazon Connect historical reporting features. This enhanced reporting capability not only improved internal operational efficiency but also facilitated compliance with regulatory requirements. With the unified platform in place, Fisher Funds' client service teams found themselves better equipped to focus on value-added conversations tailored to clients' needs. The ability to quickly identify and review client interactions for improvement contributed to Fisher Funds' award-winning success in delivering exceptional client service.

Agile Response to Market Events and Future Focus on Innovation:

Platform stability and agility were crucial for Fisher Funds to respond promptly to market events. The company leveraged its consolidated platform to deploy informational banners based on targeted customer intent within minutes, enabling it to provide relevant information to its clients in a timely manner. Looking ahead, Fisher Funds remains committed to further enhancing client experience. Recognising the importance of reducing customer effort, the company is set to introduce voice biometrics with the assistance of One NZ. This innovative solution will enable clients to authenticate quickly and securely in the IVR system, streamlining the service process and improving overall satisfaction.


Through strategic platform consolidation and continuous innovation, Fisher Funds has reinforced its position as a leader in delivering exceptional client experiences in the financial services industry. By leveraging technology and expertise from partners like One NZ, Fisher Funds remains dedicated to driving customer-centric initiatives that add value and differentiate its brand in the marketplace.

"Our focus at Fisher Funds is to ensure our clients have the best experience regardless of which channel they use. It's been great partnering with One NZ as their expertise has enabled us to continuously improve our service offering."
- Mo Odedra, Head of Client Services, Fisher Funds

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