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The 3G farewell is coming.

As the 4G and 5G rollout across Aotearoa increases momentum, it’s now time to look ahead and prepare to farewell the 3G network.

By the end of March 2025, is when you'll be able to access 4G everywhere you currently have a 3G signal (or 5G, where it's available), we will switch off the 3G network.
Everything you do now on 3G will be significantly better on 4G, and even more so on 5G!

There's still plenty of time to make the move, though, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

What happens now?

If you're already using 4G/5G mobile data and voice calling (sometimes named "VoLTE calling" in your network settings), then you're good to go - there's nothing to do except enjoy the best possible connection in your area.

If you’re not using 4G/5G mobile data and voice calling, you’ll need to check your phone’s compatibility first, which will guide what action you need to take. You can check what model your current phone is in your phone’s settings. Then, check your phone's 4G compatibility here, or visit your nearest One NZ store and speak to one of our team.

  • If you’re using a 5G phone, 4G Calling should already be enabled, unless the call settings have been manually changed to use 3G only.
  • If you're using a 4G phone, you will still need to check if it is capable with 4G/VoLTE calling. If it is VoLTE capable, ensure you have the latest software updates, then set up 4G Calling following these instructions and you’re sorted. If it is not capable, you’ll need to upgrade by 31 March 2025 to continue making voice calls.
  • If you’re using a 3G phone, you’ll need to upgrade it by 31 March 2025 to stay connected.

Options for upgrading:

  • If you have a One NZ Pay Monthly mobile plan, consider buying a new phone interest-free. Check out your phone options here.
  • If you have a One NZ Prepay plan, check out the range of capable phones to find one that's right for you.

Are you a Business customer? Find out how switching off 3G will affect you.

3G switch off for Business

Frequently asked questions

Network and coverage

Why are you switching off the 3G network?

The 3G network uses older technology, which has been surpassed by the arrival of 4G and 5G that use newer, more power-efficient technologies with far more capability. With a limited number of radio frequencies available to us, like many other mobile network providers worldwide, we're reallocating this resource toward the 5G network rollout and expanding our 5G coverage for more New Zealanders.
To see if 4G or 5G are already available in your area, simply use our network coverage map.

When will the 3G network be switched off?

The 3G network will be switched off next year, on March 31, 2025.
If your device only uses 3G, you'll need to upgrade before then to ensure you stay connected.

What happens if I don't upgrade my mobile before March 2025?

If you don't upgrade your phone to one fully capable with 4G before the 3G network switches off, your phone will fall back to our older 2G network - but only until the end of 2025, when 2G will also be switched off.
The 2G network provides an inferior experience, with very slow data speeds, low call quality and less network coverage around Aotearoa. Then, when the 2G network shuts down at the end of 2025, your phone will stop working altogether on our network.

What services will be affected when 3G switches off?

Voice and data services on devices that aren't 4G or 5G-capable will be affected, including some Rural Broadband and Fixed Wireless Access modems. Detailed information for those affected will be shared soon. We will contact affected customers directly, starting in April 2024 and work with them until the shutdown takes place at the end of March 2025.

What should I do if I can't connect to the 4G network in my area?

You can check if 4G is available in your area on this map. If 4G is available and your device is 4G-capable, but you can't connect to it, please let us know about it here.

What if my area only offers 3G right now?

99% of the population can already connect to the One NZ's 4G and 5G networks. By 31 March 2025, we will have rolled out 4G or 5G to everywhere we currently have 3G.

Will my phone work for the upcoming Starlink Satellite to Mobile service?

One NZ has collaborated with SpaceX to bring their Starlink Satellite to Mobile service for our customers, starting with a text service late this year.
Older model phones that are not 4G VoLTE capable (you can check VoLTE capability here), will not work on our Satellite to Mobile service - another reason we recommend upgrading to a newer phone.

Mobiles and devices

Will my phone still work?

If you have a 4G or 5G-capable phone (like most customers on our network), you won’t be affected when our 3G network switches off. If you have an older device that is not capable, your phone will continue to work on the 2G network until the end of 2025, when it will be shut down. However, your experience will be inferior, with very slow data speeds, low call quality, and less network coverage around Aotearoa. When the 2G network shuts down at the end of 2025, your phone will stop working altogether. We’ll communicate with you in the coming months, so you’re prepared.

How do I check if my device is 4G or 5G VoLTE capable?

A list of 4G and 5G-capable devices is available here so you can check if your phone supports VoLTE. If you’re still unsure, pop into a One NZ store, and the team will check for you.

If you’re unsure what model your device is, you’ll find this information in your phone’s settings.

Will I need a new SIM card?

If you upgrade to a new phone, you may need to replace your SIM card if it doesn't fit your new device; you can still keep the same number, though. Find out more about swapping your SIM here.

My phone isn’t connecting to 4G. What should I do?

Follow these steps to see if your phone is 4G ready:

  • Check if your phone is 4G-capable. A list of 4G and 5G-capable devices is available here.
  • Ensure your phone’s software is up to date and the VoLTE service has been enabled in your device settings. If needed, you can access instructions for enabling VoLTE here.
  • Update your device settings to connect to 4G using these user guides.
  • Check you're in an area with 4G coverage using our network coverage map.

Having issues connecting to 4G?
Contact us

I need to upgrade my mobile phone but don’t want an expensive device. What can I do?

You can check out our great range of 4G and 5G-capable phones. To find the best option for you, talk to one of our mobile experts or visit us in-store.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for 'Voice over LTE' (LTE is the technical term for 4G), and it's the technology that allows voice services to connect over our 4G network. Being 'VoLTE enabled' is part of having a 4G-ready device. You can learn more about VoLTE here.

Will my Wireless Modem or Homephone Wireless device be affected?

There are a few older devices that will be affected when we shut down the 3G network:

  • 3G only data modems with or without landline calling.
  • 4G data modems that use 3G for landline calling (if they are only used for data then no changes are required).
  • Homephone Wireless 3G devices used for landline calling.

Don’t worry if you have one of these devices, we will be contacting you soon to let you know exactly what will happen.


Can I still use my current phone overseas?

Many overseas operators, including some of our international roaming partners, are already shutting down their 3G networks. Depending on where you're travelling, you may need a 4G/VoLTE-roaming capable phone to access roaming in that country. Our VoLTE page will show you if your phone can do VoLTE roaming.

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