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At One NZ, we remain absolutely focused on keeping you connected, giving you great value and continuously improving the service you receive, which sometimes means our plans and prices can change. We’ll always try to offer the most competitive prices we can. But with increasing operational and third-party costs, we are no longer able to absorb these all.

From 2 October 2023, our consumer Unlimited Broadband Fibre, Unlimited Broadband Fibre Max, HFC, VDSL and ADSL consumer plans will be increasing.

Impacted customers will receive communications from us with full details in mid-August.

Consumer Broadband planPrice increase (GST inclusive)

Unlimited Fibre

Unlimited Fibre Max$6

Note, the price increase does not apply to our Fibre Starter plan, or Wireless Broadband plans.

Broadband charges

To understand what your monthly broadband charges are made up of visit - https://one.nz/broadband/about-your-charges/

About your existing discounts

The discounts on your current plans will remain unchanged until their expiration date. However, if you switch to a new plan, you will lose any existing discounts associated with your current plan. Note, you will be eligible for any discounts that are available on the new plan you switch to.

If you have extra add-ons or services attached to our plans, their pricing will remain as is.

My plan is getting changed

Due to the closure of our VodafoneTV service, we've had to move our Ultimate Home customers into one of our latest in-market plans. To keep you connected and to give you the same great value, we've matched your old plan to the closest in-market plan we have.

If you use PC Protect, you’ll need to find new anti-virus software, as we’ll no longer support this product. If you pay by automatic payment you’ll need to update your payment details directly with your bank once the change takes effect. Otherwise, there’s nothing you need to do.

If you'd like to discuss other options call us on 0508 010 231. If you're a Business customer, please contact us on 0800 888 119.


I’m a business customer on a consumer plan, will I be affected by this price change?

Yes, the price increase applies to Business customers on an Unlimited Broadband Fibre, Unlimited Broadband Fibre Max, HFC, VDSL and ADSL plans, including those who have a fixed term contract.

Can I avoid the price increase by changing plans?

There are some alternate plans you could consider switching to:

Fibre Starter: From $50 a month, it delivers an average peak time download/upload speed of 50Mbps/10Mbps* – fast enough to keep enjoying most of the things you love online.
Explore our other plans

Fixed Wireless: Alternatively, while we don’t control all the costs for broadband services, we have better control of the costs provided on One NZ’s own network infrastructure and have decided to maintain the price of our Wireless Broadband.

  • Fixed Wireless^ is available in certain areas delivering great value from just $55 a month, with no complicated installation; just plug it in, download the app to your smartphone and you’re sorted online.
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*Fibre Starter: Speeds shown are estimated national peak time average speeds. Fibre broadband not available everywhere.
^Fixed Wireless: Wireless broadband not available everywhere. Fair use and terms apply.

I’m currently on a fixed term contract. Does this mean that the price increase won't apply to me?

The price increase applies to all Consumer and Business customers on the plans listed above, including those who have a fixed term contract.

What if I am currently on a fixed term contract but I wish to end my contract because of the price change?

If you are in a fixed term contract prior to 2 October and wish to disconnect your services because of the price increase, you can get in touch on 0508 010 231.

If you’re a Business customer, please contact us on 0800 888 119.

What if I have a SuperWifi contract?

If you have SuperWifi attached to your account, and you disconnect your Broadband Plan, you will be charged the remainder of your SuperWifi balance if you’re still within 24 months of redeeming the SuperWifi offer.

Do I need to change my automatic payment or direct debit?

No changes need to be made to your direct debit. However, if you have an automatic payment set up for a fixed amount each month, you’ll need to update it in time for your 2 October 2023 bill payment.

Who can I talk to about this change?

You can get in touch 0508 010 231.

If you’re a Business customer, please contact us on 0800 888 119.

Will I still get PC Protect?

We are retiring the PC Protect add-on which will no longer be available on consumer broadband plans. This includes business customers on a consumer broadband plan.

To find out about our antivirus option, visit your nearest One NZ Store.

Terms & Conditions

Terms: Fibre Starter price per month includes $30 life of plan discount and $10 discount for One NZ Pay Monthly mobile customers.
Fixed Wireless and HFC: speeds shown are national peak time average speeds based on the Commerce Commission's Measuring Broadband New Zealand (MBNZ) June 2023. Fair use and terms apply.
Speeds: You may experience higher or lower speeds than the national averages stated. Services are not available in all locations. HFC is only available in parts of Wellington, Kapiti Coast and Christchurch. Factors such as modem performance, connection to you server location, your device performance and your in-home Wi-Fi setup can impact the speeds experienced. One NZ Consumer and Residential Broadband terms apply.

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