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Terms - Broadband & Home Phone Specific

1. General Broadband

1.1 The following terms apply to all broadband Plans except as varied below:

  • All traffic, both upload and download, will be counted toward your data usage.
  • You will be charged per GB or part GB once you have used your allocated data allowance.
  • Any unused data will not be carried forward to the following month.
  • If there is a power cut then broadband, and any services which run over it including VOIP (voice calling over broadband), may stop working unless there is battery backup in the home.
  • Statements we make about broadband speed are not guarantees about continuous speed. Where a download or upload speed is specified, the broadband services are capable of speeds up to the speed stated, but it may not be available at that speed constantly.

1.2 See our website for our Broadband Plans.

1.3 If you are on a fixed contract term and terminate before the end of your contract term, early termination Charges apply. See your Plan details for the amount.

1.4 For open term (1 month minimum) ADSL and VDSL Plans, a modem does not come with the Plan. A One NZ wireless modem may be purchased for an additional cost. See our website for details.

1.5 Additional Charges may apply for items such as non-standard installations, additional in-home technician work performed at time of connection, or if you do not return hardware that belongs to us.

2. HFC Broadband

2.1 If you sign up to HFC broadband on a 12 month term, we aim to install HFC in 3 working days if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your address is in an area where HFC is available, and you have an active HFC cable connection at your house.
  • Our installation booking team can speak with you the day after you place your order to book your installation time. Please make yourself available when they call.
  • You accept one of the installation times offered to you within the 3 working day timeframe.
  • You can be at home at the agreed installation time.
  • You pass One NZ's credit check clearance for your application.

2.2 If we cannot offer you or complete the HFC installation in the 3 working day timeframe, then if you have met the eligibility criteria above, we will give you a goodwill credit of $100 on your account. The credit will show on your second or third bill.

2.3 This applies to HFC broadband installations only and any other services that you apply for at the same time are excluded.

3. Fibre

3.1 For Fibre broadband services, you must agree to the terms of your Local Fibre Company (“LFC”). If you are not the property owner, you must confirm that you have obtained your landlord’s consent to all works required by the LFC to provide the broadband services at the property.

3.2 The current LFC End User Terms can be found at:

4. Wireless Broadband

4.1 Home wireless broadband and rural wireless broadband are delivered over our mobile Network. Wireless Broadband services are only available in areas with sufficient 4G or 5G coverage. For coverage, see our address checker.

Modem and Installation

4.2 Wireless Broadband requires a One NZ modem.

4.3 Self-installation of the wireless broadband modem can be carried out using the instructions provided with the modem. Once the wireless broadband modem has been activated you can contact our Customer Service team and they will perform additional checks to test whether there is sufficient coverage for the service to work. If there is insufficient coverage you can return the product in accordance with the terms of our 30-day Network Guarantee.

4.4 Once the modem is installed, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the modem.

4.5 The modem you receive contains a SIM card. You may not use this SIM card in any other device. It remains our property and you must return it to us on request.

4.6 Your modem can only be used to receive the wireless broadband service at the location specified at the time of sign up. If you are moving, please contact us. If we identify that you have used the modem at any address other than the specified location, we may terminate this agreement.

4.7 If you are moving to a location where wireless broadband is not available, you will need to terminate your contract with us. Early termination Charges may apply.

4.8 Wireless broadband modems require mains power. If there is a power failure, service will not be available, including home phone calling to emergency services.


4.9 Data usage is measured in 10KB blocks, rounded upwards at the end of a data session or every 20 minutes, whichever comes first. Usage outside of your data bundle allocation is charged at a per MB rate as specified in the relevant Rural Broadband pricing plan. You will be charged on a per MB basis, so if you go over your data allowance by 20KB you'll be charged for the full MB.

4.11 We may use traffic management policies at any time, including where doing so will improve the overall performance among our customers.

4.12 The Wireless Broadband service excludes activities such as auto dialling, telemarketing, call centres and using Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs) and use as a gateway server.

4.13 Billing is on a monthly basis. Your first monthly bill will include part month charges plus a month in advance. If you cancel these services part way through the month you will still be billed to the end of your billing cycle.

5. Wireless Broadband and Calling

5.1 Calling over Wireless Broadband requires mains power and broadband coverage to operate. If power is not available broadband and any services which run over it may stop working unless you have a battery backup at your place.

5.2 If you have a monitored home alarm or medical alarm, you’ll need to check with your alarm company whether your alarm needs to be upgraded (or reset) from one that uses a traditional phone line to one that will work over mobile or broadband.

5.3 Wireless broadband and calling services are for personal use only and are not for multiple simultaneous calling, re-supply or re-selling, call centre usage, telemarketing, bulk messaging, application-to-person communication, continuously call forwarding, auto-dialling, machine to machine communication (including by using your SIM card in any other device), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs or simboxes), spamming, scamming, phishing as a gateway server or any other activity that we consider to be non-standard usage.

5.4 For details of standard calling rates see our Rates Webpage.

5.5 If you purchase a voicemail service, you are responsible for changing the PIN from the preset number for access to the voicemail service. You must also pay for any charges regardless of whether you reset the PIN number. In the interests of others, we must limit the number and duration of messages that can be left on your voicemail service.

5.6 Calling features are billed on a monthly basis in advance on your billing cycle. If you cancel these services part way through the month you will still be billed to the end of your billing cycle.

5.7 If you wish to port your existing phone number to your wireless broadband and calling Plan, follow the steps on our website. Until the port is completed your existing phone service will continue to work and you will be billed for this period. You may be charged early termination fees or other charges by your existing service provider. Once the port is completed your home wireless broadband and calling will activate.

5.8 See the Plan details on our website for information on Early Termination Fees and minimum term.

6. Home Phone Wireless

6.1 For the Home Phone Wireless Service to work, you need to install the device at the address you provided to us. The device contains a SIM card, which must only be used in this particular Home Phone Wireless device. The SIM card remains our property and you must return it to One NZ on request.

Home phone wireless is only available in 3G/4G coverage areas with sufficient signal strength and capacity. See our coverage map to check.

6.2 Once installed, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the device.

6.3 You can only use the device at the location you specify when you sign up for Home Phone Wireless service. If you would like to transfer your service to a new location, please contact us and provide all relevant details. If such a transfer is possible, we will do so on your request.

6.4 The device normally requires mains power but does have battery backup in the unit. In the event of a power failure, service will continue to be available for up to 2 hours.

6.2 See our website for further information on Home Phone Wireless and Rates Page for calling rates.

7. Directory listing

7.1 We will give you an opportunity to tell us whether you want your personal information included in any telephone or similar directory or directory enquiry service provided by us or by a third party.

7.2 Any arrangement you make to be listed will be a matter between you and that directory assistance service provider.

7.3 Even if you elect not to be listed, your number may still be displayed to emergency service providers and to us.

8. Calling Rates

8.1 Local landline calls are included in your Plan. For national landline calls and mobile calls for your plan, see our Rates Webpage or sign into My One NZ.

8.2 If you have a calling add-on, calls not included in your calling add-on will be charged at the standard per minute rate. Calls over two hours to destinations included in your calling add-on will be charged at the standard per minute rate.

8.3 If you are calling an overseas mobile (unless a special mobile rate is listed) it will cost the same as the per-minute rate for that destination.

8.4 Calling features are billed on a monthly basis in advance on your billing cycle.

8.5 Calls are charged at the rate which is applicable when the call is started. Where a call is not a local call there is a one minute minimum Charge for calls. All calls are rounded up and charged by the minute unless we tell you otherwise (e.g. if your call was for 1 minute and 40 seconds, you will be charged for 2 minutes).

8.6 If you call a 0900, 018, 059, 0161, 123, calling card access number, audio conference or any other special number or service number for other Network Operators you will be charged additional rates as published by the relevant service provider. It is your responsibility to check the applicable rate for the call you are making.

8.7 For voicemail, we may limit the number and duration of messages that can be left on your voicemail service.

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