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Archived Terms - VDSL Upgrade Offer 2014

  • Sign up to VDSL broadband with Vodafone and get VDSL speeds at standard ADSL broadband prices for the first 12 months only from your first full month charge. A 12 month term applies.
  • Offer available for a limited time when you request VDSL broadband and sign up to an eligible broadband plan (80GB or Unlimited Broadband data either with a home phone or Naked broadband).
  • After 12 months a $10 extra monthly cost applies.
  • Offer not available in conjunction with 1 month free' offer.
  • If you are a new Vodafone broadband customer, you will be eligible for the VDSL wireless modem and free standard VDSL broadband connection and wiring offer. See Modem and connection Terms and Conditions
  • If you are an existing Vodafone ADSL broadband customer who upgrades to VDSL the offer includes free standard VDSL broadband connection and wiring only. A VDSL modem cost of $99 applies.
  • Additional wiring charges may apply.
  • If you need to get a phone line up and running (but there has previously been a working phone in the house) a connection fee of $52.10 will apply. If a new phone line needs to be connected at a location where a phone line has not previously been active, the price will depend on the location and work required.
  • The average experience of Vodafone VDSL is that the downstream speeds are 3 times faster compared to standard average New Zealand ADSL speeds (Vodafone testing in March 2015 shows Vodafone average VDSL downstream speeds are up to 3 x faster than the current standard average New Zealand ADSL speeds). This experience is not guaranteed. VDSL downstream speeds typically range between 15Mbps and 70Mbps. VDSL upstream speeds typically range between 5Mbps and 10Mbps. Speeds at your address may vary due to a number of factors. For more details visit one.nz/broadband/vdsl.
  • VDSL installation and a Vodafone VDSL capable modem are required for VDSL. You will need to be at home at an agreed date and time for the installation to take place.
  • VDSL broadband is not available everywhere and a connection is not guaranteed until a visit to your premises has taken place. To see whether VDSL might be available at your address, please check your address online at www.one.nz/broadband/vdsl/
  • The installation technician will perform some tests prior to and after the installation to confirm whether you will be able to get a VDSL speed experience. If you cannot, VDSL-related charges or contract commitments will not apply and your broadband connection will remain as or be provisioned onto the equivalent ADSL standard broadband package and our standard Consumer and Residential Broadband, TV and Fixed Line Terms and Conditions will apply.

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