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Archived Terms - New Phone Every Year

Please note: These terms and conditions apply to customers who signed up (or re-signed) from 17 March 2015. If you signed up before 17 March, you can find your terms here.

Offer has ended and is no longer available.

  1. New Phone Every Year is $0 per month for 12 months for a limited time, when you sign up to a 24 months Consumer Red+ or Red+ Super package (the Add-on will be automatically added). Normally $20 per month for 12 months
  2. With the New Phone Every Year promotional offer, you have the option to upgrade your phone once you have:
    • Remained on the Red package or Red Super package for 12 consecutive months, and kept the $0 per month New Phone Every Year Add-On for 12 consecutive months;
    • Returned to Vodafone for consideration in money of NIL the device you received with that package (or a device of the same type, size and value) OR where you do not return your phone, or it is not in acceptable condition to Vodafone, you will pay Vodafone a compensation payment at an amount determined by Vodafone; and
    • Signed up to a new 24 months Red package
  3. Your upgraded phone will be the mobile phone you select as part of the entitlement under your new 24 months Red+ package
  4. To continue with New Phone Every Year when you re-sign, you will need to re-purchase the Add-On (at the normal monthly price)
  5. New Phone Every Year is not refundable or transferable, and the discount provided as part of this offer cannot be used for any other purpose
  6. NPEY Add-Ons will be added to your bill within 5 working days of your activation date. A promotional discount of $20 will also appear on your bill
  7. Vodafone Consumer terms, Mobile terms and Red+ Package Terms and Conditions apply.

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