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Archived Terms - New Phone Every Year

Before 17 March 2015

Please note: These terms and conditions apply to customers who signed up before 17 March 2015. If you signed up (or re-signed) from 17 March, you can find your terms here.

  • This offer has ended and is no longer available.
  • New Phone Every Year is $0 per month for 12 months for a limited time, when you sign up to a 24 months Consumer Red+ or Red+ Super package (the Add-on will be automatically added). Normally $20 per month for 12 months.
  • With the New Phone Every Year promotional offer, you have the option to upgrade your phone once you have:
    • remained on the Red package or Red Super package for 12 consecutive months, and kept the $0 per month New Phone Every Year Add-On for 12 consecutive months;
    • returned to Vodafone for consideration in money of NIL the device you received with that package (or a device of the same type, size and value) OR where you do not return your phone, or it is not in acceptable condition to Vodafone, you will pay Vodafone a compensation payment at an amount determined by Vodafone; and
    • signed up to a new 24 months Red package.
  • Your upgraded phone will be the mobile phone you select as part of the entitlement under your new 24 months Red+ package.
  • To continue with New Phone Every Year when you re-sign, you will need to re-purchase the Add-On (at the normal monthly price).
  • New Phone Every Year is not refundable or transferable, and the discount provided as part of this offer cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • NPEY Add-Ons will be added to your bill within 5 working days of your activation date. A promotional discount of $20 will also appear on your bill.
  • Vodafone On Account Terms and Conditions and Red+ Package Terms and Conditions apply

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