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Archived Terms - HomePlan™

For customers who signed up Services with TelstraClear pre-1 April 2013 (including re-signs)

On 31 March 2013, Vodafone Fixed Limited trading as TelstraClear (“TelstraClear”) merged with Vodafone New Zealand Limited (“Vodafone”). Vodafone has assumed all the rights and obligations of TelstraClear.

HomePlan™ is available to residential customers only. HomePlan™ is not available in all areas or in Vodafone cabled areas. Vodafone reserves the right not to provide HomePlan™ to customers who do not currently have a home line rental with either Vodafone or another provider. Vodafone Residential Terms and Conditions apply.

Line Rental Terms and Conditions

  • If you have chosen to transfer your line(s) to Vodafone, from another service provider, you are also authorising us to transfer all associated services - that can be transferred to Vodafone - to Vodafone, including your direct dial calling. If you move your calling to another provider, we may charge you an additional $5 per month for line rental.
  • Package pricing may vary in different geographical locations.1. Installation and/or connection charges may apply to phone line and additional connections.2. Additional phone lines are not available in all areas. Phone line pricing may vary in different geographical locations.3. Wiring maintenance is an optional service. If you are a new HomePlan™ customer, Vodafone will provide you with this service unless you inform us otherwise. You need to have had this service for 30 days before your fault is covered.4.This service/pricing is not available in all areas of Wellington and Christchurch.5. Select two features from the following – Call Queue, Phone Divert, Second Phone Number, Phone & Fax Line, Three Party Calling, Speed Dial, Caller Identification, Toll Call Control, Phone Silent, Reminder Alert, Auto Dial Excludes: Message Mailbox, Permanent Call Redirection, Full Toll Bar.
  • Your line rental discount is calculated monthly based on your previous month’s calling with us (excludes directory assistance, special number calls and calls with other service providers) and cannot be carried over to a future month.
  • The discount (if any) on your first month’s line rental will be calculated on your calling spend with us from the time your line is activated with us, until your first bill with us for line rental services.
  • If you have more than one line with us, your line rental discount (if any) will apply to one line only per account.
  • Vodafone requires 30 days notice of cancellation of HomePlan™ Features. This means the fixed monthly charges will continue to apply for 30 days after the date you cancel your service, even if it is disconnected within that period.

Features Terms and Conditions

  • HomePlan™ Features do not incur installation charges (except Full Toll Bar), but availability of these services is subject to the capability of the customer’s local exchange. All features require the use of a touchtone phone.
  • The HomePlan™ Feature charges do not include applicable calling rates, which will be charged in addition.
  • The customer who has the service, not the caller, pays any calling charges resulting from call redirections.
  • HomePlan™ Features may be charged in slightly different periods to line rental and other services.
  • If you move house, stored information on your HomePlan™ Features (e.g. speed dial numbers, messages on Message Mailbox) may be lost.

This plan is no longer available. Take a look at our current internet plans.

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