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Terms - Starter plan (Now Retired)

Starter consists of a Choose 30 plan and one BestMate. In addition, customers can choose between a TXT2500 Add-On and a TXT2000 Add-On ("Offer") and is available to new and existing Vodafone customers as part of a Choose 30 plan, who select this Offer and connect for a term of 12 months.

  1. "BestMates for life" means that when you sign up to Starter you will receive the benefit of your free BestMate for as long as you remain on the Starter plan and pay the associated plan charges.
  2. A Choose 30 plan is only available in conjunction with Starter.
  3. 3G bonus minutes, handset subsidies and extra minutes do not apply with this offer.
  4. TXT2000 Add-On is 2000 TXTs per month to any mobile on the Vodafone network while in New Zealand.
  5. TXT2500 Add-On is 2500 TXTs per month to any New Zealand mobile number, while in New Zealand.
  6. If you elect to change your TXT2000 or TXT2500 Add-On (i.e. from TXT2000 to TXT2500 or visa versa) during your 12 month Starter Plan contract term, you will incur early termination charges.
  7. BestMate, TXT 2000 (where applicable) and Vodafone Pay Monthly terms and conditions apply.
  8. After the completion of the relevant minimum term, customers will continue to receive Starter until cancelled.
  9. Vodafone may withdraw, extend or amend this Offer at anytime.

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