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Terms - Rural Wireless Broadband

  • In these terms and conditions, when we refer to “Rural (Wireless) Broadband” we mean both the Broadband Service and the Broadband and Calling service (unless otherwise stated).
  • In these terms and conditions, Customer Services means the One NZ customer services team which is available on 0800 800 966.

Installation and equipment

  • Rural Broadband requires a One NZ Rural Broadband Modem, antenna and cabling.
  • Rural Broadband requires the installation of an antenna, cable and the One NZ Rural Broadband modem. Our technicians will install an antenna on the roof of your premises, run cable on the outside of your premises and install one jackpoint inside your premises on an external wall. If you require any additional installation services, these may be available from our technicians at an additional charge. Additional travel charges may apply for remote areas.
  • One NZ does not guarantee that the service can be supplied. As part of the installation the installer will perform an additional check to ensure there is sufficient coverage for the service to work. In case there is insufficient coverage the customer will not incur any cost for a failed install in this case.
  • 4G speeds and services are only possible in 4G coverage areas. 4G coverage is not available everywhere. Compatible 4G devices (modem and aerial) are required for 4G services to work.
  • Our technician will connect the One NZ Rural broadband modem to your computer (and your phone, if you have selected Rural Broadband and Calling).
  • You are responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals and consents for the installation of the antenna, cable and equipment at your premises; for any alterations to your premises needed to install the equipment; and for allowing our technicians access to your premises.
  • You may not use your One NZ Rural broadband modem to receive the Rural Broadband service with antenna, cable or equipment that has not been installed by our technicians. Once installed, you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the antenna, cable and equipment.
  • You may not use your One NZ Rural broadband modem to receive the Rural Broadband service at any location other than the installed location. If you are moving, please contact us. If you are moving to a location within our Rural Broadband coverage area, you may be able to continue to use the service but an additional installation fee may apply. If you are moving to a location outside our current Rural Broadband coverage area, you will need to terminate your contract with us. Early termination charges may apply.
  • The One NZ Rural broadband modem requires mains power. In the event of a power failure, service will not be available, including access to emergency services.


  • A one month minimum term applies to One NZ Rural Broadband services.
  • If you choose a 12 month minimum term, early termination charges and plan transfer fees may apply unless otherwise stated, see your Plan details.
  • If you choose a 1 month minimum term, you accept that you will be charged for the upfront installation costs for your wireless broadband services.
  • New connections are subject to credit checks.

Rural Broadband and Calling only

  • The Rural Broadband and Calling service is not suitable for fax; EFTPOS; monitored alarms; medic alarms; or SKY modems. If you use one of these services you will need to retain a fixed land line.
  • For details of standard calling rates go to our Rates Webpage.

Rural Broadband Fixed Line Home Phone discount

  • The discount is only available to customers who sign up to the Home phone (outside of Red Network - rest of NZ) plan and a One NZ Rural Broadband plan.
  • You must remain on the Eligible Rural Broadband plan to receive this discount. If your Rural Broadband plan is terminated your discount will be charged at the standard monthly price.
  • One NZ reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Rural Broadband Mobile Pay Monthly discount

  • Customers signing up to a currently in market mobile Pay Monthly plan with Rural Broadband are entitled to a $10 monthly discount off the mobile plan.
  • Discount is $10 per month on up to 3 eligible Pay Monthly mobile plans. Customers must keep their Rural Wireless Broadband connection to retain the $10 discount and eligible Pay Monthly mobile plan(s) must be linked to the Rural Broadband plan. Offer applies to new mobile connections only.
  • The discount will cease to apply if you no longer have your Rural Broadband connection.
  • One NZ reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

General Consumer Terms and Broadband and Home Phone Terms apply.

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