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Terms - Prepay Porting

On 4 September 2023, we made some minor updates to our Prepay Porting Terms. You can refer to the previous Prepay Porting terms.

You must read this acknowledgement before accepting:

1. I am authorised to request the port of the phone number to One New Zealand Group Limited.

2. I understand and agree that:

• Porting the above listed number will mean I will no longer receive service from my current telecommunications service provider. I may have outstanding obligations to that telecommunications service provider such as porting or early termination charges, and it is my responsibility to discharge these obligations
• I will be responsible for all costs associated with porting the phone number
• Any prepay credit balances or other benefits with my current telecommunications service provider will be lost to me
• I will provide confirmation of the porting request by replying “Yes” or “Y” to the confirmation TXT message from 2542 within 2 hours of receiving the TXT otherwise my port request will be cancelled.
• I understand that, once the port is completed, the number I request to be ported will replace the One NZ number provided on the SIM I recently acquired
• The way I access some One NZ services may differ from the way other One NZ customers access those services
• Services provided by my current telecommunications service provider may not be available at One NZ
• To effect the port, One NZ will supply information entered in the Your Porting Details online form to my current telecommunications service provider;
• One NZ may in its discretion refuse to port the listed number for any reason including, for example, if it believes my purpose is fraudulent
• One NZ will not be liable to me for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from failure or delay in the porting process.

3. I expressly authorise the listed phone number to be ported to One NZ.

4. This Customer Authorisation is valid for 30 days from acceptance.

5. I agree to the above as account holder (or duly authorised representative), of the Prepay phone number.

6. General Consumer Terms, Mobile Terms and your Prepay Plan terms apply.

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