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Terms - Companion Plan request

One NZ have had a request from a customer to add your number to their account as a Companion.
Please ensure you understand the implications and review the Terms and Conditions before providing the code contained in the TXT message sent to you.

What is a Pay Monthly Companion plan?
A Companion plan can be added to a $65 or $80 Pay Monthly mobile plan and allows you to enjoy the same endless data, calls and TXTs as the full paying Primary plan, for either $35 per Companion plan per month with a $65 Pay Monthly Primary plan or $40 per Companion plan per month with a $80 Pay Monthly Primary plan.
To learn more about these plans, please visit our Companion plans page.

Please note: Companion plans must be the same plan type as the Primary plan (i.e. if Primary is on a Medium plan, all companions must be on a Medium plan), and all plans must be on the same billing account.

About privacy and control implications.
If you wish to join a Companion plan, your number is added to the Primary plan holder’s account. When this occurs, they control the number and are responsible for the monthly charges that are incurred by your number.

This also means the Primary plan holder will be able to:

  • See a record of all calls and TXT messages made and received from your number (but not the content of the calls or TXTs)
  • Change the plan (e.g. downgrading or upgrading the plan type, adding call bars to prevent international dialling, or adding or removing other add-ons such as interest free payments)
  • Terminate or suspend the Primary Plan and/or the Companion plan
  • Move your number to another provider

Please note: If you use the My One NZ app, you'll need to re-add access to your number. You'll still be able to see your usage details, but unless the Primary Plan holder gives you access, you won't be able to view their bill or buy add-ons.

Financial implications.
If you have a Pay Monthly plan:

  • You are responsible for any outstanding charges that remain on account at the time of joining a Companion plan
  • If you are in contract for your One NZ plan, you may be charged an early termination fee and will be required to pay any outstanding amounts due (including any Interest Free Payments). In this scenario you will be sent a TXT message and informed to get in touch with one of our team to discuss your options. If desired, you can ask to cancel the transition to becoming a Companion;
  • If you have any add-ons or discounts on your existing plan/account, they won't be applied to the new Companion plan

If you have a Prepay plan:

  • Any existing credit you have will be transferred across to the new Pay Monthly bill.

If you have any questions regarding the implications of becoming a Companion on another account, please see our Companion FAQs

How to get going:
When you're happy that you understand the implications you can give the code contained in the TXT message sent to you, to the person who is adding your number to their account. Without the code, they won't be able to add your number

Providing this code is taken to be your acceptance and acknowledgement of the implications of becoming a companion. If you have any questions regarding the implications of becoming a companion on another account, please see the relevant FAQ’s page on our Pay Monthly Companion plans

By providing the code to the Primary plan holder, you agree that you have read, understand and accept:

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