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Archived Terms - Office Net Cloud (Service Description)

This product is no longer available for sale from 1st April 2018. Existing customers will still be supported.

One NZ's Office Net Cloud is a fixed calling and broadband and cloud based PBX business product.

This Service Description sets out the terms and conditions that apply to Office Net Cloud. Additional terms apply to the Access that delivers Office Net Cloud to your Sites.

1. Office Net Cloud Service

1.1 Your Office Net Cloud Service will consist of the components set out in the following table, which are further described in this Service Description (“Office Net Cloud Service”):

Fixed Line CallingPer User pricing for unlimited standard calling to NZ and Australia landlines and mobiles.
Fixed Line BroadbandFixed Line Broadband (one Access line per Site) with unlimited broadband data.

IP desk phone or ATA switch (one per Fixed Line)

Router (one per Site)

POE switch (one per Site)

Cloud based PABXSee Section 8 for a list of applicable features
Self Service PortalSee Section 9 for more details

1.2 Your Office Net Cloud Service can be delivered over:

  • Fibre (in which case the Fibre Access Service Description will also apply); or
  • VSDL (in which case the VDSL Access Service Description will also apply).

1.3 Your Agreement with One NZ includes:

  • Our Business Terms;
  • This Office Net Cloud Service Description;
  • Your Access Service Description (Fibre Access or VDSL Access);
  • Your Pricing Plan and Change Fees; and
  • Your Sign Up Agreement;

1.4 Your Pricing Plan cannot be used with any other rates or calling packages.

1.5 If you terminate your Office Net Cloud service (or a part of it) before the end of the Initial Term, Change Fees will apply.

1.6 Your Pricing Plan Charges are only available when you purchase all of the components of the Office Net Cloud Service. If you terminate some of your Office Net Cloud Services before the end of the Initial Term, Change Fees will apply, and the charges for your remaining Office Net Cloud Services will be at our standard rates.

2. Sites

2.1 Your Sites must be specified in your Sign Up Agreement. Our agreement to provide Services to you is conditional upon us confirming that we are able to supply Access to your Sites, and your confirmation to meet any additional costs or terms that might apply.

3. Installation

3.1 We will visit your site to conduct a Site audit prior to installation. During the Site audit we will confirm whether you are able to get the Office Net Cloud service. You must be present for this Site audit. If a Site audit cannot proceed for a reason we do not control you may be charged for a Missed Appointment.

3.2 A standard charge will apply for installations that we consider to be simple.

3.3 If we consider that any installation is not simple, our charges for that installation will be charged on a time and materials basis and we will consult with you to agree on the costs (or the basis of such costs) prior to incurring them.

3.4 Your Access will be installed first. In some cases, characteristics of your Access line(s) may mean we are unable to supply you with Office Net Cloud at a particular Site. If this occurs, we will investigate alternative access with you. In some cases we will attempt to re-activate your previous connection, but we cannot guarantee reactivation will be successful.

3.5 Once your Access is operational, we will install your Office Net Cloud Service.

4. Equipment

4.1 We will supply you with one IP desk phone or ATA switch per Fixed Line, one router per Site, and one POE switch per Site. Each IP desk phone and other item of equipment remains our Equipment and must be returned at the end of the Term. We may charge you for this Equipment if it is not returned.

4.2 You can purchase Polycom Conference phones from us for use with the Office Net Cloud service. They will be your equipment. Polycom Conference phones come with the supplier’s warranty.

5. Using Office Net Cloud

5.1 In addition to our Business Terms, you may not use Office Net Cloud:

  • For auto-dialling, continuous call forwarding, multiple simultaneous calling or any other activity that we consider to be non-standard usage; or
  • For resupply, resale, onsale or any other supply to a third party (whether in whole or in part).

5.2 We may decline to supply you with Office Net Cloud, or suspend or terminate your Office Net Cloud service (in whole or part) if we consider that your use or a User’s use of your Office Net Cloud Service is not in accordance with paragraph 5.1 above.

5.3 Traffic Management: we apply traffic management policies to avoid congestion. The traffic management policies of other network operators may also impact you.

5.4 Our Internet Acceptable Use Policy applies to your use of Office Net Cloud. You can find this policy on our website at one.nz, and it is updated from time to time. We may suspend your Service with immediate effect if you do not use Office Net Cloud in accordance with this policy.

6. Fixed Line Calling Services

6.1 All chargeable calls are charged on a minute plus minute basis (calculated to the next minute). There is a one minute minimum Charge for each call and the Charge for each call is rounded to the nearest cent.

6.2 Your Pricing Plan only covers the call types that are expressly specified as being included in your Pricing Plan. Excluded Calls and any other call types that are not expressly specified as being included in your Pricing Plan are not covered by your Pricing Plan. Excluded Calls, and other calls not covered by your Pricing Plan, will be charged at the rates set out on our website or otherwise notified to you.

6.3 You will be billed for your Office Net Cloud services once your Fixed Line Calling Services are operational.

6.4 You will receive your invoice for Office Net Cloud Services from One NZ Next Generation Services. Please follow the payment instructions on the invoice. If you have any queries if relation to your invoice please call One NZ Next Generation Services on 0800 124 356, who are authorized to deal with all billing and collection issues.

7. Fixed Line Calling Services

7.1 Speed: Statements about the speed of your Fixed Line Broadband Service are based on theoretical maximums and are not guarantees of continuous speed. The actual speed that your broadband connection can achieve will depend on a number of factors which may include: your equipment (including your computer and Wi-Fi capability); your internal and external premises wiring; your Access Type; the distance of your premises from the exchange; New Zealand and overseas networks; internet traffic congestion; other environmental factors; how many other people are using it at the time.

7.2 Performance: Your Access to your Fixed Line Broadband Service and the available bandwidth is shared with other broadband users. The performance of your Fixed Line Broadband Service may vary from time to time where there is above average broadband traffic over the network.

7.3 Tuning: changes in the environment impacting on our network and your premises can alter the electrical interference encountered, and cause unwelcome error rates or even instability. Because of this, we may tune your Fixed Line Broadband Service on a regular basis. The speed and performance of your Fixed Line Broadband Service may change as a result of these environmental changes and our tuning of the Service.

8. Cloud based PABX

8.1 The following features are available with the Office Net Cloud Service. Selected features may incur a monthly charge as set out in the Pricing Schedule.

8.2 Music on Hold: it is your responsibility to obtain licences for any Music on Hold recording you wish to use with your Office Net Cloud Service. For details on how to obtain these licences, visit onemusicnz.com.

Call Features
Anonymous Call RejectionChoose to reject calls from callers who have restricted their Caller ID.
Automatic Call BackAutomatically get a call back from another User when their line becomes available.
Busy Lamp FieldEnables you to view whether selected phones within your group are busy or free.
Call Forward (Always, Busy, No Answer, Unreachable, Selectable)Forward calls to another number. Charges may apply for any number outside of your Office Net Cloud Service.
Call HistoryView a history of calls on the IP desk phone.
Call HoldActive calls can be put on hold while other calls are made. The User can toggle between both calls.
Caller ID (inbound)Presentation of the incoming calling number on the User’s phone.
Caller ID (outbound)User can choose whether they present phone number for outbound calls.
Call NotifyEmail notification of incoming calls based on User based rules (for example day, time and incoming phone number).
Call Number WithholdBlocks delivery of User’s phone number when you make an outbound call.
Call ReturnUser can return a call from their call history on the IP desk phone.
Call Transfer (Blind/Consult)The User can transfer an existing call to another User. The call can be done via Consult which is a warm handover of the call or via Blind which is a transfer and end call at User end.
Call WaitingAn incoming call can be identified and answered by the User while they are in the middle of an existing active call. The User can toggle between both calls (Call Hold), disconnect the existing active call or conference in the second caller (3-way calling).
DDI (Direct Dial In)Geographic numbers are provided to Users that can be direct dialled from inside or outside the User’s organisation.
Do not DisturbThe User can prevent incoming calls being made to their phone number/device.
Emergency callingAllows the User to make a call to Emergency services even if their other calling services are unavailable.
Extension diallingThe User can dial an extension number for another User within the same organisation.
Last number redialThe User can redial the last number they called from their IP Desk phone.
Message NotifyUser will receive an email notification when they receive a voice message.
Message waiting indicatorA visual indication for the User on their IP Desk phone when a message has been left.
Music on HoldA Customer level feature which enables Music to be played to caller when a User places them on hold.
Priority AlertChange the way your phone rings depending on the caller.


Call Acceptance/Rejection

Accept or reject incoming calls based on User defined rules, such as day, time and incoming phone number.
Simultaneous ringThe User can choose to have another (Mobile or Geographic) number provisioned against their Geographic number which will ring when their number is called.
Speed dialThe User can dial a 2-digit code for up to 8 numbers from their IP Desk phone.
Three way callEnables a User to make a three-way conference call with two other parties.
VoicemailCaller can leave message for the User if the call is unanswered.
Voicemail to emailVoicemail is sent to a User defined email address in .wav format.

Advanced Call Features (Charges may apply)
Auto AttendantPre-recorded message automatically answers inbound calls to geographical numbers, allowing Users to select from defined routing options.
Call ParkUsers can put a caller on hold – and then make or receive other calls.
Call Pick UpA group of Users can pick up another User’s IP desk phone when unattended.
Hunt Groups)(Simultaneous, Regular, Circular, Last Busy).
Fax to EmailReceive inbound faxes via your email address.

9. Self Service Portal

9.1 You will receive access to the Self Service Portal as part of your Office Net Cloud Service. We will provide details on how to access and log in to the Self Service Portal.

9.2 You will be responsible for changing your password. You must not share your password or logon details with others. Each User will be provided with their own User name and password. Selected Users will have the ability to manage other User’s features and any customer level features such as Auto Attendant.

9.3 You will need to accept the portal terms upon login to the Self Service portal. The Self Service portal will allow you to view invoices for Office Net Cloud, your call history and manage your call features.

9.4 For Emergency purposes you will need to ensure your location is kept up to date within the Self Service Portal.

10. Your responsibilities

10.1 Security: Unless there is a separate agreement in place between you and us to the contrary, the internal security of your IT and telecommunications networks is your own responsibility. You will maintain strong password strength for all aspects of your LAN network and voicemail password protection to protect your business from malicious attack.

10.2 You are responsible for:

  • Any required operating system configuration on your computer and connecting any local area network or computer network to the Office Net Cloud Service;
  • Local area network or computer equipment and any related cabling;
  • Ensuring that your existing computer and other equipment at your Sites is working properly and can support your Office net cloud Service.
  • Any power required by equipment that we install to support the Office Net Cloud Service, unless we provide any of the above items to you as a separate service.

11. Definitions: In this Service Description the following definitions apply:

  • Access means VDSL Access or Fibre Access.
  • Agreement means your agreement with us under which we provide you with Office Net Cloud and which includes the components set out in paragraph 1.4.
  • Charges means the charges payable to us under your Agreement.
  • Excluded Calls means any call types which are stated on our website at one.nz as being excluded from your Pricing Plan or metered outside your Pricing Plan. These include: 0900, Audio Conferencing, Carrier Access codes, Paging Services, Direct dial to Tele-paging, Directory Assistance and International Directory Assistance, Satellite Calls (Inmarsat) and any numbers not included in the standard calling proposition.
  • Fixed Line Broadband Service means any fixed line broadband service that One NZ provides to you or your Users as part of Office Net Cloud (where it is available at your Sites).
  • Fixed Line Calling Service means any fixed line calling service that we provide to you or your Users as part of Office Net Cloud (where the service is available at your Sites).
  • Sign Up Agreement means any application which you sign or agree to in relation to an Office Net Product.
  • Pricing Plan(s) means your chosen plan(s) for your Office Net Cloud Service(s).

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