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Internet on your Mobile Add-on

Terms and Conditions

Mobile Internet Add-ons are available to Supa Prepay customers, and On Account customers on Smart, You Choose, Easy, Starter, TXTer, Talker, Mega and SIMple plans for use within New Zealand.

The available Mobile Internet Add-ons ("the Add-on(s)") are:

  • Mobile Internet 2Go Add-on ("MI2Go") at $6 per month for 50MB
  • Broadband Lite Add-On ("Broadband Lite") $10 per month for 100MB
  • Supa Prepay Customers

You may purchase further Add-Ons ("Top Up Add-ons") to supplement your primary Add-On:
Customers who purchase the MI2GO Add-on and require additional data may purchase either a Top Up 50MB or a Top Up 100MB Add-On.

Customers who purchase the Broadband Lite Add-on and require additional data may only purchase the Top Up 100MB Add-On or Top Up 512MB. The Add-On will automatically renew, and Top Up Add-Ons will expire at the monthly anniversary of the purchase date, subject to sufficient credit availability. If there is insufficient Prepay credit available on the renewal date, the Add-On will be put on hold for up to 14 days. If sufficient credit is added during that period, the Add-on will be re-activated. Any outstanding IOU credit will be repaid, and any applicable BestMate(s), TALK or Text Add-Ons will recur, prior to the Add-On renewing.

You can purchase further Top Up Add-Ons provided that the most recent Top up Add-On has expired/exhausted its allowance of data. You can purchase as many Top Up Add-Ons as you need provided that the most recent Top up Add-on has either expired or exhausted its allowance of data.If you use all the data in your Add-On, and you have not purchased a further data Add-On you will pay 20c per MB for any additional data used. Vodafone Prepay connection terms and conditions apply.On Account Customers

The Add-On will automatically renew on your monthly billing date ("Renewal Date"). Once the Add-On is on your account you will continue to receive the benefit of the Add-on and continue to be charged each month on the Renewal Date until it is cancelled. You can not purchase any Top Up Add-Ons if you are an on account customer.

If you use all the data in your Add-On and you have not reached your Renewal Date you will be charged 11c per MB for any additional data used. Vodafone On Account connection terms and conditions apply.

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