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Terms - Free Social Data

  1. This offer ended on 14 April 2022.
  2. ‘Free Social Data’ offer is available to both new and existing customers. To be eligible for ‘Free Social Data’, you must sign up to, or have an existing, active MyFlex Prepay Plan.
  3. ‘Free Social Data’ includes free data use on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest. Some functions will still use your plan data.
  4. ‘Free Social Data’ lasts 12 months (365 days) subject to you having an active MyFlex Plan.
  5. For new customers, Free Social Data is automatically applied from the date of MyFlex Plan activation. Existing MyFlex customers are able to redeem the Offer through the My Vodafone App.
  6. If you deactivate your MyFlex Plan or switch to a non-eligible plan within 12 months of taking up the offer you will lose your ‘Free Social Data’ offer.
  7. If you do not renew your MyFlex Plan on time, your plan (and the Offer) will go on hold, and you will not have access to Free Social Data. The 12 month offer period will continue to run while your plan is on hold.
  8. Free Social Data order of use is as follows:
    • Free Social Data
    • Vodafone Content Passes (If any)
    • Data Boost 1 day (If any)
    • Weekend MBs (If any)
    • Data Boost 1 week (If any)
    • Flex Offer: Off Peak Data (If any)
    • Data Add-On 1 week (If any)
    • Flex Offer: NZ Data/NZMBs
    • Data Boosts 30 days (If any)
    • Carry Over Data (If any)
    • Plan allowance data
    • Casual data
  9. If you have an active Social Pass then you can still redeem Free Social Data through the latest version of the My Vodafone app. However if you do, your Social Pass will be cancelled, and you will not be credited for any remaining period of your Social Pass.
  10. Free Social Data is only available for use in New Zealand, subject to plan eligibility. Free Social Data cannot be used whilst roaming.
  11. Free Social Data is only valid when using the official apps of the content provider. Lite versions of the apps are not supported. For example, Facebook Lite.
  12. You may see casual data charges or your plan’s data allowance being used when using your Free Social Data, as your Free Social Data does not include all content that is available in the content provider’s apps. Standard charges will apply for but are not limited to:
    • Advertisements and advertisement links that are displayed within apps
    • Analytics
    • Apps using features on your device. For example, your calendar may have permission to access data in the background or use location services.
    • External links and navigation to other websites, apps, news, blogs, walls, maps, app stores
    • GIF library
    • Maps and location services
    • Podcasts
    • RSS feeds
    • Software/application updates happening at the same time
    • Video and content hosted from other sites featured that can be played in the app
  13. Enjoying content through tethering or using your device as a hotspot is not included, standard data charges/use of your plan’s data allowance will apply.
  14. Subscriptions to any Service are not covered under Free Social Data.
  15. Where video content is included, it will be optimised to be similar to DVD quality. This includes video content such as Facebook videos.
  16. Content providers included in Free Social Data can change without notice, for an up to date list of content providers that are included in the Free Social Data see https://www.vodafone.co.nz/freesocialdata/
  17. Your mobile device must operate on either an Android or iOS operating system.
  18. Free Social Data will not work correctly (for example, it won’t provide you with Free Social Data) if you’re using a VPN when accessing the supported content providers apps.
  19. Vodafone may extend, amend or withdraw the Free Social Data offer at any time.
  20. Vodafone Consumer terms, Mobile terms and MyFlex Prepay terms apply.

For a more current offer, see our Prepay plans and Pay Monthly plans.

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