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Archived Terms - Business Smart Unleashed

The following applies to all Business Smart Unleashed plans.

What’s Included

MinutesAll calls to NZ mobiles & landlines
TXTsAll TXT’s to NZ mobiles
Data2GB of data
VoicemailCheck your voicemail at no extra cost
Group callingCalls between Business Smart, Business Smart Data and Business Smart Unleashed mobiles on your account are included
Frequently Called NumberAll Business Smart, Business Smart Data and Business Smart Unleashed mobiles on your account can call 1 selected NZ landline or mobile at no extra cost

Additional Charges

International calls$0.51 per minute for mobile & landline calls to Australia, Ireland, UK, USA & Canada. $1.43 per minute for mobile & landline calls to the rest of the world. Satellite Calls per minute: $15.64 Inmarsat A, $11.50 Inmarsat B, $4.03 Global Star
PXTs$0.20 per PXT to any Vodafone NZ mobile $0.51 per PXT to mobiles on any other NZ network & international mobiles
Additional data$0.20 per MB once you’ve used your included data
Video calls$0.49 per minute to Vodafone mobiles. $2.03 per minute to mobiles on any other NZ network. $2.05 to international mobiles

Available Add-Ons

Local Number on MobileGet a new local landline number without the landline, or use an existing Vodafone landline number (excludes 0800/0900 numbers)
Vodafone FamilyCreate a group of up to 4 NZ Vodafone numbers then call, video call & TXT each other as much as you like

International calls

and TXTs

Get great value on international calling & TXTing
PhoneInsureProvides cover in the event of accidental damage, theft or loss of your mobile in New Zealand and when you are travelling overseas. It costs $11.44 (incl. GST) per month. Only applies to customers who have purchased a new mobile in the last 30 days
Mobile DataWith mobile data you can take the world with you. Wherever you’ve got 3G coverage, you can send and receive emails, download and use apps and browse the web

Things to know

  • Included minutes to any NZ mobile or landline cannot be used while roaming
  • Each call has a minimum charge of 60 seconds. After the first minute calls will be charged on a per second basis
  • Free group calling only applies to those on Business Smart, Business Smart Data or Business Smart Unleashed plans under the same customer account
  • A frequently called number (FCN) can be any NZ mobile or landline number, not already on your account. FCNs are added at an account level, rather than per connection. All connections under the same account will have access to the same FCN(s)
  • Included minutes, TXTs, FCNs, calls to NZ landlines and TXTs to NZ mobiles do not include short codes or special numbers (e.g. 123, 018 or 0900), or premium rate numbers (where a prescribed charge is applied by the service provider e.g. TXT-a-Park and donations)
  • Calls to NZ landlines means calls to any NZ landline number from within New Zealand
  • When a Local Number is added to your mobile any landline services associated with that number, like broadband or fax, won’t be transferred.
  • Customers who sign up to a Business Smart Unleashed Plan cannot plan transfer to any Consumer or Business Plan during their 24 month contract period other than another Business Smart Data or Smart Data Plan. (Plan transfer fees will apply if you transfer to a plan with a lower monthly access fee). If you cancel or change (as per the conditions above) a Business Smart Unleashed plan before the term end date you must pay the applicable fee (this could be an early termination, resign or plan transfer fee). The fee you pay could be up to 50% of the full monthly fee multiplied by the number of months left on the term. Find out more about plan cancellation or change fees
  • Vodafone’s Fair Use policy applies

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