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Product Description - Secure Device Manager

1 .Introduction

1.1 VSDM provides remote visibility, tracking,security and control for most smart devices, as well as access to corporate resources and applications. VSDM consists of a range of services which we have described below.

1.2 Our On Account Terms and Conditions apply to your use of VSDM Services. Capitalised terms used in this VSDM product description have the meaning ascribed to them in the VSDM Terms.

2. Standard VSDM Services

All customers that select VSDM will receive the following Standard VSDM Services:

(a) VSDM

VSDM will help you to secure your Active Devices by providing the ability to:

  • locate the position of Active Devices on a map;
  • support customer and employee-owned Active Devices with configuration and policy setting;
  • monitor policies for mobile devices and track Active
  • Device compliance with these corporate policies (such as: password, encryption, and jailbreak detection);
  • geo-fence policies, applications and documents so they are only available or their availability is blocked when the ActiveDevice is within a defined locale;
  • remotely view and configure applications and settings on Active Devices;
  • centrally view Active Devices’ inventory and state;
  • remotely lock and wipe data from Active Devices;
  • promote, distribute, secure and manage applications on Active Devices;
  • track telecom service usage;
  • email or SMS Users with relevant updates about their Active Device profile or applications.

VSDM may be updated by us from time to time with new functionality to support new mobile device operating systems and APIs.

The availability of the features described above may vary between different operating systems on Active Devices.

You may need to install third party applications to manage email if your Active Device does not meet minimum device

(b) The On-Boarding Service

The On-Boarding Service provides our standard programme management and implementation services to train your administrator to set-up and configure the VSDM Server Software in readiness for your activation of the VSDM Services and enrolment of your Devices.

(c) Support Service

The Support Service provides our standard service for incident reporting, management and resolution. This includes maintenance services (upgrades as well as planned and unplanned server patching) on the VSDM Console.

(d) Software Upgrade Access Service

The Software Upgrade Access Service covers software upgrades of the VSDM Console and provides you with access to the latest version of the VSDM Software when it is made available and approved by us.

3. Optional VSDM services

In addition to the Standard VSDM Services, you can elect to receive one or more of the following Optional VSDM Services.
(These may incur an additional charge, as notified to you by One NZ).

(a) Secure Content Locker Service

The Secure Content Locker Service allows your IT administrators to securely manage document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents from your iOS or Android Devices.

(b) Secure Browser Service

The Secure Browser Service provides a secure alternative to open internet browsing for iOS and Android devices.

(c) Secure Email Gateway (SEG) Service

The Secure Email Gateway is an email gateway deployed in the communications path between the ActiveSync email client and your ActiveSync servers. The service implements policies defined on VSDM that control access to corporate email services and email attachments.

(d) Enterprise Integration Service (EIS)

The Enterprise Integration Service enables integration of the device management server with the Customer Installed Assets to enable more VSDM Services to be delivered to the Active Devices and to improve operational efficiency.

Note regarding migration of EIS to MAG Service and ACC Service:

In previous versions of VSDM, EIS was available. We have now upgraded VSDM under which upgrade the ACC Service and MAG Service have replaced EIS. Customers with an existing EIS service can still connect to the VSDM Console release 4. Existing customers are encouraged to upgrade (migrate) their EIS service to the MAG Service and ACC Service to ensure full functionality. Any new customers trying to download EIS will now be presented with MAG Service and ACC Service options.

(e) AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) Service

AirWatch Cloud Connector provides organisations with the ability to conveniently integrate VSDM with their back-end enterprise systems. It plays a similar role to the role played by EIS.

(f) Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) Service

The Mobile Access Gateway provides a secure and effective method for individual applications to access corporate resources. When your employees access internal content from their Devices, the MAG acts as a secure relay between the Device and enterprise system. The MAG is able to authenticate and encrypt traffic from individual applications on compliant devices to the back-end system they are trying to reach.

MAG enables users to access:

  • internal document repositories and content using the Secure Content Locker Service; and
  • internal websites, such as your intranet, using the Secure Browser Service.

(g) BlackBerry Integration Service (BIS)

The BlackBerry Integration Service enables the service administrator to centrally administer BlackBerry Devices using the same service administration console used to administer the rest of their Active Devices.

In order to receive the BIS you are required to:

  • also take EIS or ACC; and
  • provide configuration details and access to your BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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