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Archived terms - Secure Device Manager - Basic

Product Description

1. Introduction

VSDM Basic provides remote visibility, tracking, security and control for most smart devices. VSDM Basic consists of a range of VSDM Basic Services, which we have described below.

Our VSDM Basic Terms and Pay Monthly (On Account) Terms and Conditions apply to your use of VSDM Basic Services. Capitalised terms used in this VSDM Basic product description have the meaning as described to them in the VSDM Terms.

2. VSDM Basic Services

All customers that select VSDM Basic will receive the following VSDM Basic Services:

(a) VSDM Basic

VSDM Basic will help you to secure your Active Devices by providing the ability to:

  • locate the position of Active Devices on a map;
  • remotely lock and wipe data from Active Devices;
  • ensure basic protection by requiring your Users to have a Device passcode; and
  • deploy an e-mail or WiFi profile across all your Active Devices.

VSDM Basic may be updated by us from time to time with new functionality to support new mobile device operating systems and APIs. The availability of the features described above may vary between different operating systems on Active Devices. VSDM Basic can be used to manage up to 50 Active Devices. You will have to select the VSDM service if you wish to manage more than 50 Active Devices.

(b) Support Service

The Support Service provides our standard service for incident reporting, management and resolution. This includes maintenance services (upgrades as well as planned and unplanned server patching) on the VSDM Console.

(c) Software Upgrade Access Service

The Software Upgrade Access Service covers software upgrades of the VSDM Console and provides you with access to the latest version of the VSDM Software when it is made available and approved by us.

You may need to install third party applications to manage email if your Active Device does not meet minimum device requirements.

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