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Terms - Ultra Fast Broadband

To establish a fibre broadband connection, lines and equipment must be installed. “Chorus, a local fibre company” must dig trenches, and drill holes for positioning of cabling and equipment. If you are not the owner of the property, or if you occupy a right-of-way or multi-unit dwelling, third party consents will be required. Chorus, a local fibre company will manage the consent process on your behalf.

In addition to our Fixed and Broadband terms and connections, you must agree to Chorus’ Fibre End User Terms, “available on Chorus website at Chorus New Zealand Ltd. Chorus End User Terms apply between you and Chorus for as long as any of their equipment is located on property you own, occupy or have control over. You must read them carefully and, if there's anything in them you can't accept, call us within 24 hours to cancel your contract.

You may be required to pay a cancellation fee if, when Chorus Fibre ask, you refuse to confirm your agreement to their End User Terms, or if you fail to consent to the actual work required for installation.

Where can I get One NZ Ultra Fast Broadband?

One NZ Ultra Fast Broadband is available in selected areas only. If you are not in an area where fibre is available through One NZ you will be advised that the service is not available. There are other factors that may mean you are unable to get One NZ Ultra Fast Broadband but these will be discussed with you at sign up time. These include but are not limited to wiring, consent requirements and building set up.

If you move and your service is outside of a One NZ Ultra Fast Business Broadband area we cannot guarantee you will be able to stay on your service. We will advise you at the time of your move what service options are available to you.


The standard installation of One NZ Ultra Fast Business Broadband may be included in your service. You will be advised when you sign up to what you are entitled to. If you require additional wiring or complex work done to enable your install you will be advised by the LFC and provided with a quote. You must accept this quote prior to any work being completed.

A standard installation by the LFC includes

  • Installation of the fibre from the street to your business.
  • Installation of the necessary equipment to the outside of the building
  • Installation of the router for selected services

In some instances there will be two installation partners visiting your site to do the installation. For One NZ Office Net the LFC will do the installation of fibre from the street to your business premise. A One NZ certified installation partner will then do the installation of any onsite hardware required for One NZ Office Net, including but not limited to the One NZ supplied router and IP phones. The LFC providing the fibre installation and One NZ are not responsible for your internal LAN. You will need to ensure your IT partner is on site if you require assistance setting up your broadband, printers and other internal IT systems.

The installation of Ultra Fast Broadband may require land excavation by the LFC. The LFC will attempt to reinstate like for like. Reinstatement will be limited to where the land has been excavated for the fibre to be laid.

In some instances the copper may be removed to lay the fibre. Therefore you may not be able to revert back to existing services once you move to a One NZ Ultra Fast Business Broadband service. Any changes to plans or termination of plan may result in additional fees.

One NZ Ultra Fast Business Broadband is reliant on power and in the event of a power failure the service will not work. One NZ recommend keeping a landline if you have needs such as monitored alarms, medical alarms. Additional charges apply.

If you have a requirement for Fax or non IP eftpos One NZ recommend you retain a landline for these services also.


The published speeds with UFB are based on theoretical speeds. Your broadband speeds can be affected by other factors such as your modem, your internal building wiring, your computer, any networks you are accessing information from both locally and internationally and other environmental factors.

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